Monday, September 2, 2013

First week of school, CHECK!

We survived our first week of school!
Believe it or not, the kids adjusted to the new routine fairly quickly.
That isn't to say there weren't hiccups along the way.

{if you are wondering about the clothes,
yes...I made them...upcycled school shirts)

By Wednesday, the kids were really tired.
And now for the weekend, they still want to wake up at 6:15.
What happened to sleeping in on the weekends?

Not in this house, even with a later bedtime.
I guess it will all balance out eventually.
This much I can say, they are troopers!

What does the routine look like with triplets?
It really isn't that difficult.
The only unfortunate thing is that school starts at 8:15.

A bit early in my opinion but at the same time, it affords more time in the afternoon.
That means, wake up is at 6:15.
Quite the adjustment from 8ish during the summer.

Thankfully, we thought enough ahead to start putting them to bed at 8-8:30 starting a week before school.
And I was vigilant in waking them up no later than 7 in the morning.
This really buffered the schedule change!

{sweet Sofia, she is my very sassy girl}

Our morning routine starts with everyone on the couch watching Martha Speaks.
If you haven't watched Martha Speaks, it is a great show that teaches vocabulary, on PBS!
They love it and that allows for their tired eyes to wake up.

Next is breakfast at 6:30.  I don't want there pretty clothes messed up so we eat in PJs.
Breakfast is anything from scrambled cheesy eggs to whole wheat banana pancakes to cereal.
I try to give them all the same thing but Gabi loves her cereal so I can't complain.

Then it is time to brush teeth, get dressed, and brush hair (by this time it is 7)
I do it in this particular order because if you know 5 year olds, you know toothpaste ends up on shirts.
Don't want to have to change school clothes!

The above is staggered since the kids don't all finish eating at the same time.
Great for me and great for them.
Finally, I pack up their lunches (most is already made the night before) and put it in their backpacks.

By this time, it is 7:30ish.  If we finish early, they get to watch some more tv.
We jump in the car at 7:45 and off to school we go.
Unfortunately, we live too close to the school to qualify for bus service but WAY TOO FAR to walk.

{Gabi is sooooooo excited about school}

Doesn't it always work out like that?
I don't mind though.  Thankfully the school is in our subdivision, just on the other side of it.
And I really like being able to see them walk in to the school, it is a sense of security for me.

We do pack their lunches.  Our goal is that they eat from home, no cafeteria food.
As much as I know they are trying to provide healthy options, we feel better that they are getting a good, balanced lunch selection made at home.

That is our morning routine.
It works for us and I don't think we will be tweaking it.
I am going to make a little poster so they can see it.
{I will share here when I finish it, in case you would like it as well}

Next post, I'll let you know how the afternoons go.
Some days are quite busy since we do have things like Speech Therapy & gymnastics.
And I know the homework will complicate it a bit.

Really curious how we will handle homework.
Hopefully, it isn't too big of a deal!
And if you have older triplets and have been there, please feel free to share your advice!

I'm really enjoying blogging again!
I hope you are getting valuable information from it.
I know I will be thankful later on that I did!

Memories are to be charished!


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Shannon said...

Count yourself lucky on the 8:15 school start! I am DREADING if we do public school kindergarden next year. Ours has the elementary students get there at 7:45.