Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have leg braces!

Can I just say how absolutely happy I am that insurance paid for the braces at 100% of the cost?!? With that said, we would have gotten them no matter the price b/c that is what you do as parents. You get what your kids NEED.

Honestly, I am still not very fond of these things but what ever. He's got them & now he's going to wear them. We have a schedule to "introduce" the braces to him. A couple of reasons for this, 1) so he can get use to his 2 new friends, and 2) to make sure that they fit appropriately & not hurt or rub his skin causing discomfort or blisters.

Day 1 ~ Wear for 1 hr twice a day.
Day 2 ~ Wear for 2 hrs twice a day.
Day 3 & 4 ~ Wear for 3 hrs twice a day.
Day 5 & 6 ~ Wear for 4 hrs twice a day.
Day 7 ~ Wear for 5 hrs twice a day.

It is my understanding he will be wearing them about 8 hrs a day which is about all we are going to be able to wear them since he won't have them on while he is sleeping. We'll be cutting it close but it is doable. I'm sure I will get more proficient in getting them on although it wasn't too much of a hassle this morning.

I have to say that I am glad he will be wearing them during the cooler months. He has to wear socks that go up past the braces & b/c of the girls, wear jeans/pants so that they don't mess w/ them. Not only that, we had to buy new shoes THREE sizes bigger to accommodate the braces!!!

For those that have never seen them, here is what they look like. We got to pick out the pattern, for which I promptly called Daddy & let him decide! Superman it is!

And for your viewing pleasure, a video of Mr. Ian walking w/ them the very 1st time. You can IMMEDIATELY see how the braces force him to walk heal-toe. They make him much steadier as well! As much as I don't like them, I like what I see.

And for kicks, this was him walking a month ago. Notice the difference in his balance!?!


Susan said...

That's awesome! He is really walking well with the braces, very steady. I know it sucks and it's a pain to add something else to an already busy day, but he'll be done with them before you know it and running all over the place!

txsjewels said...

insurance rocks. and so do you lady. hang in there. i think the braces are freaking adorable. but... what do i know???

hope to get out there on thanksgiving morning and have them modeled for me by the man himself. i'm thankful for friends like yall.


Tonya said...

If he needs them, he needs them. I know it's not the greatest thing in the world, but like you said, you do what you have to do as a parent. Even if it's not what you want to do. The difference in him walking is astounding! I can see they're going to work well for him. And Superman - how fun!

Momma said...

What a sweetheart! I can see that the braces make a huge difference, but I bet he won't be wearing them for long!

writing4612 said...

I have Cerebral Palsy, and I had to wear braces from the time I was a baby through 5th grade then on and off a few times after that.

I thought I would offer you some advice. Watch his arches and backs of his heels for blisters. I hate to tell you that comes with wearing braces, but they are so worth it. If he does develop blisters, moleskin helps tremendously, which can be found at Wal-Mart.
If he has problems with his feet sweating, you can tell the orthotist to drill several holes in the backs of the braces.

If they ever rub up against the sides of his toes, the orthotist can bow out the sides to allow for a little more room.

Thin socks are a MUST for summer time. They are actually ideal for braces period. Thick socks can cause more blisters because they make the braces too bulky, which makes it SO much harder to get the shoe on. That definitely taks practice. :)

Taking the insoles out of the shoes also makes more room for the brace also. You can also cut them out if they won't come out. :) I
I think I know of a website that sells cute kids shoes for people that need orthotics. I look at it tonight to be sure. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to email me!

Norina said...

Astrid- he is absolutely a doll. i love seeing him (and the girls too). You have a great attitude about it all, what a wonderful mother you are. (((Hugs))) BTW I can tell a big difference in his walking just like you pointed out!