Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A trip to the dermatologist

Today has been quite a day. The morning started off beautifully. We were on time leaving to get the the dermatologist. Ian & Sofi were safely tucked away w/ Grandma & Papap. The weather was beautiful. Everything was GREAT!


We were 5 minutes away. Just 5 minutes AND...she pukes. Everything. I don't think anything was left from breakfast. We were doing so good. She was crying so I pulled over & did the best I could to clean her up. Thank God we have 3 car seats b/c I managed to get most of the puke off of her (she had a hoodie on so that was easy to take off) & put her in another seat. Off we went.

We literally got there w/ 1 minute to spare. Our appointment was at 9:45 & I signed us in at 9:44. She did fantastic while we were there. The dr came in & looked at her little spot. Turns out that she has something called a mastocytoma. It is a mass of cells at the surface of the skin. The good thing, it should fade out completely by the time she is 8-10 yrs old. YAY!

While she was there, she drank PLENTY of water & ate some goldfish. I got her in the car & off we went. She fell asleep almost immediately. She woke up as we approached the subdivision. Wish she would have just slept until we got home. 2 blocks away from the house, she pukes again. Yes, in a different car seat. If you know anything about having 3 car seats in a row in a CRV then you know this was shear hell.

I had to take all 3 seats out. I cleaned them up & had to manage to cook dinner all while the kids napped. I feared they would not nap well due to the days events but thankfully they slept long enough for me to get the seat covers in the washer & dryer. I got the seats back in the car (I've become a pro at this) in a matter of minutes as compared to my 1st few times which took like 90 minutes.

Everyone seemed happy & the reset of the day went well. Unfortunately, my brother's dog, Boss, is in really bad shape & is dying so after an already long day, I went to say my goodbyes. Boss is & has been such a good best friend to my brother. He has protected him on several occasions & accompanied him to several places that other dogs couldn't imagine going. Boss is a staple in our family. He is the dog that accepted Todd & put the other 2 dogs in place when they growled at him. Even more sad, our babies never got to meet him up close. He would have been good w/ them. I hope he goes quickly. God, please take care of Boss & my brother. Ian (my brother) is so, so sad. It is breaking my heart.

Boss, thank you for protecting Ian. For being by his side when none of us could be. Know that you have touched all of our lives. Go in peace & know your spirit will live on. We LOVE you!


Norina said...

I hope Gabi is feeling better! (((Ian)))losing a pet is losing a family member. Boss sounds like he was a wonderful and loyal friend. Thinking of your brother.

Anonymous said...

I hope Gabi is feeling better, I'm sorry she got sick.

You should read pg 40 (I think thats the page) in your car seat manual. You are only supposed to wash your car seat cover according to the car seat manuals, and Sunshine Kids states to HAND WASH ONLY and DO NOT: bleach, machine wash or machine dry.

It's always best to follow your car seat manual.