Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our 1st Trick or Treat!

Last year the kids were barely 7 months old. They were impossible to keep in costume, let alone take out trick or treating. We lovingly passed along the costumes to Susan & her trio. Glad they at least got 1 good picture out of it b/c we surely didn't get any good pics last year, haha!

We dressed the kids up right after dinner, 5:45ish & were out the back door by 6pm, right on schedule. I'm glad we listed to Daddy & went on our "regular" walking route b/c we had lots & lots of neighbors waiting to see the kids all dressed up! We didn't do the traditional knocking on the door thing b/c getting the wagon up the sidewalk was difficult & b/c we are also very weary of H1N1, colds, & anything else that can be passed along to the kids. Daddy did a WONDERFUL job of making sure nothing had peanuts (we are waiting until they are 2) b/c I sure forgot all about them.

Gabi in the most perfect picture of the night!

Sofi, the real devil but what a perfect angel!

What a handsome little devil!

Mommy & the kids. Yep, Ian takes after me, horns & all.

Daddy & the kids. Notice no angel wings?!?

All 3 together in the dressed up wagon. I wanted to put "Heaven" & "Hell" but Todd wouldn't let me. He said the neighbors would talk FOR EVER. HA!


Susan said...

How cute! Good pics too! I guess you just have to put them in the wagon to do it!

txsjewels said...

OH GOOD LOORD!! way too cute. love the pic of gabi. frame worthy FO SHO.

sofi will only be able to pull off that angel routine for so long though. i think i can see her horns under that halo!!

bwahahahaha. wish i could've seen them. how adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures Astrid!!! You are so creative, the wagons look awesome. I LOL'd when I read about Heaven & Hell...hehe! Looks like a great evening!!

Kim said...

They are so adorable!! You did a great job with the wagons and i'm glad you were finally able to get all three in a picture.

Norina said...

BEYOND DARLING Astrid!!!! The wagon was a perfect final touch!!!

Nicole Montgomery said...

The kids look amazing! Sure puts my kids bat theme to shame! lol!

Tonya said...

I just love them, they are so adorable!!