Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yeah, so not sure what the deal is but the kids didn't nap on Friday (the day after a loaded day w/ family & friends) & then 2 of them (Gabi & Ian) didn't nap today. It wouldn't be an issue if they would just hang out & play but, NOOOOOO. They have to be w/ Mommy. Mommy had a lot to do today. Too much to do today. So, needless to say, not much got done.

But as it were, Gabi accepted Daddy as a substitute, only until Mommy got in her line of sight & then it was a no go.

Ok, that's a lie. Lots got done but it was accompanied by crying & Daddy coming to the rescue. It was a join effort. Thank God. Now, if I only knew the reason for the short naps. I know Ian woke up b/c of Gabi today. Most likely all 3 woke up b/c of Sofi on Friday. I think Sofi is getting a 2 year molar (yes, that would be 4 months early but she started w/ her 1 year molars at 10 months so I wouldn't be surprised).

Another suggestion is a growth spurt. I would believe that but they aren't eating any more than before. Hmmm...I'm stumped but either way, will love my babies & cherish this time. No matter how difficult.

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