Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fall Fun

The leaves are finally falling off the trees in our part of the world & wow! What fun it is! Brings me back to being a little kid. Never thought jumping in to a pile of leaves would be so fun. The kids got a kick out of putting on the "winter" gear & heading outside. Now, if you know anything about our winters, you know there isn't much of one so don't laugh too hard that we consider winter gear to be a fleece pullover, a hat & mits. Not even a winter coat, haha!

Miss Jane raked the leaves & let the kids run through them over & over. Then it was time to roll around in the leaves. We had leaves EVERYWHERE! Then we played Peek-a-Boo in the leaves. It was a fantabulous time!

Oh, & somehow we lost the soothie in the backyard. I'm sure it is in the pile of leaves. Not gonna search for it now. What a wonderful morning!

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Andrea said...

Love this!! Looks like so much fun! I wish Jude hadn't been feeling bad when Terry was raking the yard this weekend. He would have had as much of a blast as it looks like your kids did. =)