Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

We are going to go out w/ a bang!

Ok, seriously. Not really. I'm a mother to 21-month-old triplets. My big bang consists of sleeping through the ringing in of 2010. Besides, it doesn't get much more eventful than having to raise triplets, especially as we approach their 2nd birthday.


Did I just write SECOND BIRTHDAY? Where did this year go? It just flew by. Seems just like yesterday we were taking an ambulance ride at 11pm w/ Ian while he was having his hour long seizure. Seems just like yesterday that we were celebrating their 1st birthday w/ 3 sick kids. Seems just like yesterday that we went to the playground for the first time.

I think you get my point. It went by, rather quickly at that. I've always been told that time flies when you have kids. I just didn't realize it was at the speed of light! Next time you tell a friend that time flies, be more specific. Please.

These were taken last January, right after the New Year.

And this is the kids today.

For the memory book. The 1st was taken last year when Mamama visited. The 2nd one is of this year (only a few days ago). Look at the difference!

Honestly, so much has happened & we've been through one of the toughest things parents could go through. It definitely put a damper on the year but it is time to leave it behind. 2009, I bid you a farewell. It isn't a fond one nor a hateful one, just goodbye. 2010, I welcome you with open arms & can't wait to see the kids thrive & grow every day as well as see how much stronger my relationship with Todd will become.



Jill said...

Hi, I'm a lurker that's been following for 6 months or so...I think your RSV info post is what landed me on your blog. I had a 27 weeker in April and things are going GREAT with her.
I just wanted to say WOW what a change from 1 year ago! It makes me so excited to see where my Emily will be one year from today. You are right - time does fly at the speed of light when you have kids! Thanks for reminding me to cherish every moment - the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

Happy New Year to all of you!
Jill in Iowa

Surviving Triplets said...

Jill ~ Soooo glad you came out & posted! I hope the RSV blog helped you better explain things to others around you. 27 weeker, huh? How long in the NICU? Would love to chat more!

Happy New Year!

Kat Designed said...

Hi ya chick! I stop by every so often to see how your adventure is going. I am shocked to see how big the kids are getting. My niece just turned 2 and I could see the biggest growth in her in the past year. Happy New Year!

Surviving Triplets said...

I'm glad to see you Kat! I hope you enjoy a very good 2010!