Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Current Schedule

I haven't written our schedule in quite some time. It has been set like this since they were about 14 months old when we dropped their morning nap. I'm good w/ it. They are good w/ it.

6:25 ~ I wake up & shower, get coffee.
7:00 ~ Out of the cribs. Sometimes they are awake, sometimes they are asleep but either way, I wake them up. It works for us. For the next hour, we play upstairs in the playroom.
8:00 ~ Breakfast
8:30 ~ Storytime/books/coloring, depending on the day & the mess they make from breakfast.
9:00 ~ Quiet time in the cribs. This allows me to clean the floors, have a cup of coffee & prepare for the rest of the day.
9:30 ~ Play downstairs.
10:00 ~ Snacks & then play afterwards, still downstairs.
11:00 ~ On nice days we go outside in the backyard & then for a walk in the wagon.
12:00 ~ Lunch
12:30 ~ Naptime
2-3 ~ Wake up & back downstairs to play.
4:00 ~ Dinner & yes, it is early but w/ 3 kids, it is easier to feed them as Daddy is driving home. It also gives Todd time to play w/ the kids & have quality time w/ them. He does flashcards w/ them while they are at the table.
5:00 ~ On nice days, we take a family walk. The rest of the days, we play downstairs.
6:15 ~ Go upstairs, put jammies on & hang out in the playroom.
6:30 ~ Milk & video, normally a Baby Einstein.
7:00 ~ Bedtime, whew!

This means that Todd & I have adult time afterward & that is when we eat, talk, hang out, sew, or what ever else we need to do. This seems to be a very good schedule for us & I hope the kids continue to nap in the afternoon for a long time to come!

Sofi & Ian were cuddling w/ Checkers. We have 2 cats & she is definitely very tolerant of the kids.

While they were cuddling w/ Checkers, Gabi was having fun w/ Daddy watching something on the computer & giggling away!


happygal said...

Love the giggling photo!

Christina said...

That sounds so similar to our schedule also. Mine go to bed at 630 though..I agree, the night time is "our time." I love that we have our evenings alone. :)

Shannon said...

Nice! My MIL doesn't get why we put Matthew to be "so early" (we shoot for 7:00 or 7:30). I guess it interferes with us not being able to go do stuff with them in the evening and supposedly with David having time to spend with him(when he comes home "on time" he's home by 5:00, but doesn't usually happen). But geesh, babies are supposed to have early bedtimes! Right? Right!

What were their naptimes when they had a morning and afternoon nap? And how long did they nap for? We are getting a little more normal schedule going on but still struggle with short naps, especially afternoon.