Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sticker Fun

For the past 5 days, we have received some form of precipitation & thus outside activities are off limits. Needless to say, this isn't a good thing for Mommy. The kids are antsy & need new stimuli. Can we have Christmas early & get some new toys please? Ok, kidding. We will wait until Christmas.

Until then, I had to get creative. My neighbor brought some craft stuff over (yeah, stuff I actually didn't have) so we experimented w/ stamps, stickers & dicuts. The stamps, not so much. I was at least smart enough to not put the pad of ink in front of them. I stamped the ink & then gave it to them to decorate the paper. Yeah, didn't work exactly well.

So, we moved on to stickers. OH.BOY. Did we love stickers!

I even joined in on the "sticker-on-the-nose" fun!

Here is our beautiful creation. We made it for Daddy. I've got to tell you mommies that have more than 1, butcher paper across the whole table is KEY!


Brittanie said...

Erin LOVES stickers. It's how I keep her quiet during church. lol

Texas Gal said...

My Lizzie loves stickers, too. When we check out at HEB she even asks the bagger for a sticker (they stick them on un-baggable items.) CUTE! Cheap fun! Look at the checkout at JoAnns next time you are there. They have books of them for a dollar.

Gage's mommy said...

If you want to try the stamp thing again, Crayola makes the big animal shapes that are pre inked and all they have to do is push down on them. Gage has a set three and loves them.

Tonya said...