Monday, December 14, 2009

Becoming Bilingual

I don't know how much I have gone in to my bilingual background but I am, Spanish & English. Now, our intention has always been to raise the kids bilingually BUT if you know anything about it, when everyone around you speaks only English it makes it difficult to speak Spanish. To myself? Nah. To the kids? Probably should do a better job. Eh, & this is where I falter.

Despite my lack of effort, Gabi has picked up on quite a bit of Spanish. Must be from my parents cus they do the Spanish speaking around these here parts. She can actually count better in Spanish than in English. Check out the video!

Another big thing. Ok, I have to tell you the story. Todd got home this afternoon & I needed to get some stuff from Hancock Fabric. Actually all I needed was some compressed gas & that was my excuse to go to Hancock Fabric (shhh, don't tell). Needless to say, I didn't walk out of there w/ just the compressed gas, I walked out w/ $30 of material. OOPS. Oh & did I mention it was bath night & already past 6pm when I left Hancock's? Um, yeah. Baths start at 6pm but I figured, "What the hell. What is 7 days w/o a bath?"

So, I'm kidding about the 7 days. Not so much about not bathing though. What is another day so long as it doesn't turn in to 7 days? Seriously. I never get out & was enjoying it.

I walk in, wash up & then walk see the kids in THEIR PJS WITH WET HAIR?!?!? Yeah, wet hair means only 1 thing. Bath. HUH? WHAT? MY HUSBAND? GET THE F OUT!

He did it all by himself. I'm so friggin' proud! I've never bathed them alone. YAY! What a wonderful surprise! I <3 my hubby!

So that's the story. He did it all by himself. What a good Daddy!


Carrie_in_TN said...

Hi, there...just found your site and I think you might be my hero. Three little ones. Me muero. But, they are adorable.

If you are interested in keeping up with the Spanish, and read a great site, I suggest Wonderful community of us who are trying, trying, trying to raise bilingual children.

I'm Cuban-American in Tennessee, so imagine how much work I have to do to pass the Spanish along to my 6-year-old...It's working. Sort of.

Mucho gusto.

Shosh said...

haha! it could mean that he just stuck their heads under the faucets to make it seem like he bathed them....but either way, he gets an A for effort!!

Just kidding. Im sure he did bathe them. awesome hubby.

happygal said...

Hey Astrid, it's Molly from JustMommies expecting days...I have followed your blog since then, but had to take a moment to comment. Your kids are so cute and I too am impressed with Todd bathing them all by himself. I feel like that is a major feat when I get it done with three, and my oldest are 8 and 6!


Andrea said...

the video isn't showing up for me
could just be my problem though...

Brittanie said...

I can see the vid, so don't worry. Erin totally loved counting with you in English (she only JUST started counting though, so I'm impressed with Gabi!) but with the spanish she just gave me this "what the heck is that?" look. lol

My dad wanted to raise us french/english but realized that instead of speaking to my oldest brother in just french, he didn't speak to him at all, and so gave up.

I should try to make Matt speak to the kids in German. lol

Anyway great job with those numbers!

Norina said...

If that isn't the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is. What a smart little girl!!!LOVE that you are trying to teach them Spanish. I should do the same with Zech!

erin said...

i don't comments often but i enjoy reading about your adventures with triplets!! how fun and exhausting all at the same time! what a great hubby you have! mine does things like that too sometimes..isn't it so nice to have a dad for your kids that is incredible! maybe you can make it a weekly thing where you get to go out in the evening for a little while and let him handle bath time to give you a much needed break! hope ya'll have a wonderful christmas. much love and blessings from ga~erin
p.s.. stamps are great for toddlers.. so colorful and little mess...glue sticks too. i used to teach that age in preschool. i also have 4 boys!

Tonya said...

That video was so cute! I'm amazed at how much Gabi picks up verbally. She has a bigger vocabulary than some 2 year olds that I know. And woot to Todd for doing bathtime by himself! Go Todd!