Friday, December 11, 2009

How to stay warm on a cold winter day!

Ok, so I'm not quite recovered from all the crap that has gone this week but I am determined to have a smile on my face today, no matter what is thrown at me by my beautiful kids. I do love them. I just don't love their lack of napping.

I think part of the issue is that the weather here is crappy. It rained for 4 days straight leaving our backyard a mud pit. Then the sun finally comes out but it is really cold outside. So, we have been stuck inside. Bored. I've tried all kinds of things to help us get through this.

A big hit this week has been the Sterilite containers. I put a bunch of comfy blankets in there, then the kids climb in. I give them a book & their computer. It keeps them entertained for a while. They especially like to sit in them & watch a show.

If you have any ideas for inside activities that aren't messy b/c I can't bathe them alone, I'm open to hear!


Jennifer said...

My kids are four years old and it seems that this fall has been the hardest to entertain them!!

I feel for you as I read your post from yesterday! My kids still nap, eventhough I had to start staying in their room to keep the "playtime" from happening when they were two years because separating them wasn't an option.

I'm trying to think back on some of the things we did but I have to laugh because during the winter we did baths during the day a couple times a week! It was like an outside kiddie just need plenty of towels and a mini heater for the bathroom.

Take out one of their matresses from their crib and let them jump on it. Baby proof a "forbidden room" and let them play in it for a while. (We ended up having to to this because our house is kinda small) Rotate toys, I know you've heard of this one but it was a life saver even if just for a couple of days. Let them play in the garage, mine loved to play in their strollers. Bring the riding toys inside.

Hope this helps, hang in there you're doing great!! ~Jennifer

txsjewels said...

bwahahaahah!!! i am loving the kids in boxes. hilarious and compact! wonder if we can find one for daddy. with a lid.

Lori said...

You CAN bathe them alone, it just takes practice. I've been bathing all 3 in the tub by myself since they were about 13 months old. When your husband frequently works out of town you have no choice.

Angela said...

Love the tote idea! We're using your reading in the highchair idea as well! You could do fingerpaints in the tub, strip them down to a diaper and let them go at it. Are they still to young for that? Maybe. Rotating toys and the garage are things we do. Stay nice and cozy, but sane over there!

Amanda said...

Have you tried coloring yet? Get a big piece (or roll) of butcher paper and hand out crayons. My kids LOVE it and it keeps them busy for a long time.

Surviving Triplets said...

Yep, we are coloring quite a few times a week actually & on butcher paper. That is the only way to go!

Erin said...


I am a fellow triplet mom (7/2/09), I have periodically checked your blog and noticed your comments on TC (your kids are adorable). Anyhow, my mom wants to make me one of those triplet tables and was wondering where you purchased the plastic seats. Thanks so much. -Erin

Lauren said...

Get an under the bed plastic tote and fill it with dry beans, rice etc. Then they can use it like an indoor sandbox. I give mine big spoons and bowls which you can just wash since it is food. Also cars and trucks and they can make roads.