Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Pics

I've been busy...really, really busy. I think my sewing machine is asking to go on vacation. So, I don't have time to write. Sorry, not much going on w/ the whiny kids anyway. I think we are officially hitting that "independent" phase. Yeah, fun.

Anyway, to the pictures. Gotta tell you that when I got the disk full of pics (over 200), I was extremely disappointed. The whole session didn't go very well. Not so much b/c of the kids but more b/c the photographer didn't really know what to do w/ 3 19-month-olds. These were some of the edited shots.

Ian in all his sweetness w/ that famous smile of his!

Sofi in all her sweetness (ha. if you only knew.) Oh & the 1st 2 pics were from the regular set. The 2nd 2 are edited.

My Gabi girl & all her happiness & joy!

Some random shots of the kids that I love. These are the "real" kids' personalities shining through.

I'll post some of the family pics tomorrow as well as a couple of nice ones of Todd & I. I'm going to bed.


Tonya said...

Hee hee I love the "real" pics vs the sweet pics...we have a few of those here too. For every sweet picture, there are 3 more of a whining, crying, frustrated, tantrum throwing toddler LOL!

You sure do have cute kids, whether they're whining or being sweeties :)

Susan said...

I think you've got some good pics there, even with a bad photographer. Love the one of all of you with the wagon, too cute!

Gage's mommy said...

Your pics turned out good. I know what you mean about photographers not knowing what to do with 19 mo olds though as our sessions were horrible but we still managed to get decent pics and nobody would ever know what we went through to get them.