Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eating Utensils & Plates

What a big step to civilized eating! We are officially using eating utensils (or at least trying to) & plates. The plates are going better than the forks/spoons. They actually leave them on the table until they are empty. Once there is nothing left on the plate, it's fair game for throwing down on the ground.

Of the 3, Sofi has managed to eat a whole meal using her fork. She is also really good w/ her spoon. We use a spoon every morning to eat yogurt. I chose yogurt b/c the consistency is thick & tends to stay on the spoon.

Speaking of utensils, I had a difficult time trying to decide what to get. We got some Baby Einstein Eat & Discover Utensils b/c we had been given them as a present way back before the kids were born & these seem to be easy to handle & to pierce the food.

Gabi & Ian...hmmm. They can take it or leave it. Not too interested in the fork although if I help Ian, he will use it. Gabi, not so much. The girl just wants to get the food in her mouth the quickest way possible. I look forward to the day they are able to use them well b/c I'm tired of constantly wiping hands!

Here are the munchkins w/ their plates & forks!


How "Sweet" it is... said...

I just love your blog! I have been following for a while now. I have 7 month old twin girls and a 21 month old daughter. My dad made a triplet feeding table much like your table for my girls. It is a life-saver! I will have to try the Baby Einstein utensils with my oldest...she has trouble getting the food on her fork, too.

Melissa said...

If there is a Target close by you check out there $1 stuff. I get the monkeys spoons & forks there. They just turned 4 and they still use these.
Your babies are so cute! Enjoy they get big really fast!
Love the pic at the top of the blog!

Brittanie said...

I was going to suggest the Target $1 flatware too! lol, Erin uses those. Another good spoon food is oatmeal made thick.

I LOVE that table! lol, every time I see it I think it's brilliant.

Tonya said...

They look so grown up eating with plates and silverware! We have the same fork & spoon the fork, not so much the spoon though. I can't get anything to stay on it!

Anonymous said...

If there is an Ikea nearby, they have great silverware (plastic), cups and bowls that are a great size for toddlers. I don't know how much they are, but they are cheap and one of the only forks that I have found that works. And the cups works well when they are ready!