Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Angels & a Devil

This is a preview of the kids' costumes. Let me tell you how impossible it was to get a picture of all 3 together. I don't know how this family portrait thing is going to go based on what we went through yesterday. Maybe the preparations for Daylight Savings Time is interfering & causing my babies to be unhappy. What ever the reason, it was not possible to get a good pic of all 3 together. Could it be the age?

Sofi being the perfect angel!

Gabi on the run!

Ian really shouldn't be the devil but since he is the only boy, it fell in his hands. He's too cute!

The 2 BEST group pics. HA! What a joke!

These are pics of the meltdown that happened after we came in. Yeah, not so much fun. Taking 3 19 month olds out of the backyard after being inside for 3 days straight due to rain...not such a bright idea.

I will say this much, they are DAMN cute! I think this is a great costume & they actually stayed in them the whole time. The only issue, Ian's horns. They just wouldn't stay put & not b/c he was taking them off. Oh well...we'll still have fun on Halloween!


Jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the idea of the angels and devil.

I was initially shocked that the kids were outside barefoot, then realized that you're in... Texas?... so that makes sense. We've gotten well past the barefoot weather up here in Manitoba! Our Halloween costumes are usually designed to go over top of winter jackets and ski pants - too funny!

Your photo shoot will go fine. I went to one with my sister and her daughter. The whole thing seemed like a disaster, but the photographer's pictures made it seem as though everything went off without a hitch. Plus, you'll have Todd with you, and between the two of you, it'll be easier to control the kids than just you trying to take pictures.

Angela said...

So cute! What a cute idea for costumes.

txsjewels said...

they're ADORABLE. you'll have better chance at group shots while they are trick/treating. free candy makes kids stand still. in awe. i remember some grumpy halloweens with bailey. those costumes can get a little hot. it is texas after all!!! looks like we'll be nice and cool this weekend though. bet they'll be drowning in treats by sunday.
have fun!

Susan said...

So cute! I totally understand getting 3 kids to take 1 good picture together. Good luck!!