Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween is in the air!

You know, I've been debating this for the longest time. To dress the kids or not to dress the kids? Last year didn't go so well. We were given 3 ducky/chick suits & they were so cute. We looked forward to dressing them up. Well, after 30 minutes of trying to get them in the suits, sweating up a storm doing it & having fussy babies all for 5 minutes of harried picture taking was not exactly what I had envisioned. Needless to say, I have been reliving the experience & wondering if it was even worth trying it this year.

Besides that, it seems as though triplets "must" be dressed in some theme. Seriously. Not that I don't like the idea b/c I do BUT it makes it that much harder to think of costumes. I like to be original so this makes the task even harder. Sure, there are super cute ideas out there like the 3 little pigs, Wizard of Oz (me being Dorothy & the kids being the Lion, Tin Man, & Scarecrow), & a few other ideas. Well, all those take some money & honestly, if the kids are only going to wear the costumes for 5 minutes, I'm not going to pay $20-30 per costume. That is just silly. I rather get them jeans that can be worn over & over again.

So, the dilemma is still present. To dress them or not to dress them.

On the playground a couple of weeks ago, Jane said she had a pair of angel wings that we could use. I thought that would be cute. But what kind of "theme" could I come up with? Hmmm, I have some devil horns. AH HA! GOT IT! How about 2 angels & a devil? The hunt for wings began. I was at Target & found the whole devil get up for $9.99. Tail, horns & bow tie for Ian. All I need now is either all black clothes or all red clothes. That is something he can wear again so I don't mind spending the money.

What about angel wings & a halo? Did I really want to use my neighbor's wings & not have the girls match? Yet another issue. Luckily, while I was shopping at Kroger's (of all places), I found really cute angel wings & a halo for $7.99. PERFECT! I bought 2. I have white shirts & will make the girls white tutus. I can't wait!

I tried the wings on the girls & they kept them on. That is a good sign. I think that we will actually go trick or treating this year! I'm even going to dress up their wagon & trailer. I'm going to use poster board to make the wagon a cloud & then make flames for the trailer.

Todd & I may even dress up. It is actually going to be a fun family affair. I am looking forward to it!


Andrea said...

I think this is going to be so cute! I love the idea of decorating the wagon to go with it! Can't wait to see the pics!

Adi said...

i cannot wait to see pics! even if they're fussy the pics will be so cute!

Sadia said...

They'll be adorable. One trick in getting little ones to keep costumes on is practice. Lots and lots of practice ahead of time.

Now mine are three, and they have opinions. I thought we'd reuse last year's princess outfits, but no, they want to be Mary Poppins.

Team Darnell said...

I completely agree with you on this one!!! Last year, I spent so much money and time for one pic of the boys. This year, we are going as the T-birds from Grease. The costume includes jeans, white t-shirts and jackets from our closet!! I bought special sneakers for the day but they can be worn for more than Halloween. I am also letting their hair grow so I can "slick" it back. However, we are dressed in reusable items and the boys will be able to walk around comfortably in their costumes.

Your ideas are great!! Happy Halloween!!

Megan Jannise said...

We decided no themes this year. Jake is going to be a St. Bernard, Cullen is a Monkey, complete with a stuffed banana, and Ellie is a fuzzy ducky. Portrait Innovations has their $9.99 special right now for fall pictures.

Nicole Montgomery said...

I cannot wait to see photos!!! I am with you on the themes, and I dont have triplets! Thomas will be batman, collin robin and Bailey batgirl lol