Saturday, October 3, 2009

Way too busy for my own good.

That is the reason I haven't been able to write. Unfortunately, I got to experience a glimpse of what "single" parenthood would be like. Thanks but no thanks. Todd had to go out of town from Monday until Thursday night. That left me doing EVERYTHING on my own. Luckily, I had the help of my parents, Jane, Katie & my inlaws. They lightened the load but they still couldn't take the place of Daddy. He is just too valuable!

The kids didn't seem affected by his absence the first night nor through the 2nd day but by Wednesday, they were most definitely more cranky than normal. Thursday was really bad as well. I felt so sorry for them b/c I knew that it must be b/c Daddy wasn't around but they couldn't tell me. We had lots of cuddle time to try & make up but there is still no substitute for good ol' Pops. He barely made it home on Thursday to help put them to bed & you should have seen the kids' faces light up when they heard him in the driveway! PRECIOUS!

With that being said, not only was Todd gone but my little business decided to boom at the same time. Um, not so good b/c of time issues but somehow I managed to keep the house afloat, the business customers happy & even take a little time for myself (jogging).

Some pictures from the week...

I was working when all the sudden I heard all this laughter & I couldn't see the kids. There is this little spot next to the window & the couch that they were all hanging out in, reading each other books. I tried to capture the moment.

Ian's new favorite place to be.

The kids are just now getting in to stacking blocks. I turned around & there was this stack of 6 blocks & Gabi looking proud!

We also celebrated Grandma's birthday a week ago! Happy belated birthday Grandma Donna! We love you!

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