Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scribbling fun w/ Dad!

Putting a crayon in the kids' hands has been a challenge. The #1 reason? It goes directly in to their mouths. Another triplet mom posted about this not too long ago & hers were 19 months old. I was hoping it would be a magic number for age so we decided to give scribbling another shot last night AND...they mostly scribbled! Sofi was intent on tasting the purple crayon but otherwise, it was very easy to tell them "no" & they would assume scribbling.

Daddy did a wonderful job "modeling" the behavior!

Hmmmm, what are they drawing?

Mom, this is pretty cool! I like pink!

Look at me go!

Sofi's finished masterpiece.

Gabi's piece of artwork!

Ian's version of the Mona Lisa.

We are going to try & keep this up by doing it a few times a week instead of flashcards. This is Daddy's special time w/ the kids when he gets home & he seemed to enjoy it as much as the kids did.


Christina said...

Fun stuff!! When we color they don't do well either. I'll have to try it, since we just hit 19 months also!

txsjewels said...

said it before; i'll say it again: that table absolutely ROCKS. and daddy rocks too. such talented little artists you have!

ashleylove said...

Just found your blog and I am wowed by you and your fam! I am a mother of three singles (9 mos, 2 yrs, 5 yrs) and I find them hard to manage! Coloring at 19 mos is pretty impressive...keep it up!

Tonya said...

You have given me hope for Maddie...all of my freinds' kids that are her age are scribbling like there is no tomorrow...Maddie? She just eats the crayon and then stabs the paper repeatedly with it before throwing it on the floor and wadding the paper up into a ball, which of course, goes in her mouth also. At least it's fibrous. Cute pics!