Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Fun

Todd finally had the opportunity to go to the park w/ us. I can't tell you who had more fun, him or the kids. Either way, it was a perfect morning! The weather has been very HOT this year & we finally got a touch of cooler weather. It made for the perfect morning to go to the playground. Jane came w/ us so it was even better b/c there was 1 adult per kid AND she brought her bad ass camera, Nikon D90, so we actually are going to get some fantastic pictures as well. Until then, these will have to suffice.

Daddy going down the slide w/ each kiddo!

I love these. You can tell the kids were having a BLAST being swung by Daddy! Awe <3!

The park was fun & I hope we try to go every Saturday morning! I love family time outdoors!


Norina said...

It's the simple things like this isn't it Astrid? I love seeing your family so happy!!!

Tonya said...

Looks like he had a blast :)