Friday, December 19, 2008

4 vs 2 vs 1

Gabi is in the lead! She now has 4 teeth! Her 2 upper teeth have decided to finally cut through on Monday (Dec. 15th). Let me tell you what a bear she has been for the past week too! LORD...have mercy! Today she is finally a bit better w/ it. All the while, Ian cut his 2nd tooth a week after his 1st (Dec. 1st & 7th). Sofi has only 1 but is working on the 2nd one on bottom (Nov. 24th). I'll never see a toothless grin again...WAAAAAAAA!

These kids are also on the move! I'm going to have to start closing the door in the playroom b/c Sofi keeps trying to escape! I've started baby proofing the room & hopefully we will get the dressers out so we can have a wide open space w/o anything to stop them. I know I said that I was totally not looking forward to them moving but it is amazing to watch them get across the floor b/c they want something. You see the determination in their eyes & can't help but smile when they finally reach the object of their desire. Often times, the object is something that another is holding but eh...who cares? After all, they need to learn how to share!

Here is Sofi on all 4's!
Then we have her going after the giraffe's tail. She was trying to suck on it.

Finally, one of Sofi on her side. She can almost get in to sitting positoin by herself.

I think Gabi had enough of me taking pictures of her.

Gabi was going after the soothie, the most sought after item in our home!

One more of Gabi doing her favorite thing...suck on her soothie & cuddling her blankie!

Hmmft...then we have Ianchito w/ his favorite toy, the barnyard. He loves to spin the thing in the middle!

Here is the little man on the move!

I think he was tired of Mommy taking pics too!

Speaking of playrooms & wide open spaces, I know there are many of you reading this & I would LOVE some advice on how to make a nice room for the kids, storage ideas, etc. If you have a really neat playroom, share please! I am already looking forward to doing a chalkboard wall or area actually...not a whole wall, LOL! If you have links to pics, I would love to see them.

Ok, time for bed! Nighty-night!


Adi said...

Check out that site for the teething necklaces! I promise you won't regret it. They work wonders! And Highlands teething tablets aren't regulated. They have something called belladona in it which can drug ur kid. Some people never have a problem with them, but there's no telling if you will get a bad batch or not. I got a bad batch with Marcus and it's scary! I would stay away from those...

Brittanie said...

Your babies are getting so big! I know how you feel about not seeing a toothless smile. Of course, Erin didn't get her first tooth until almost her first birthday, lol! I hope that the rest of the teething doesn't go too terribly, but then again, molars are horrendous.

They're so cute!!

(I'd offer advice on playrooms, but I don't have one right now...)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Great pictures!! Sooo cute!

Little Mrs Sunshine said...

OMG THEY GOT CUTER! IS THAT POSSIBLE?! It's amazing how fast they are growing up, time flies! They are really truly developing wonderfully in addition to just being plain gorgeous!

As for the playroom, we have an excellent system. We have about 8 or so HUGE plastic bins with Lids of toys - you can imagine the mess that would make LOL. Well, we keep all the bins in a locked in a closet, but leave all the "big toys" out. When they have independent playtime we take out one bin. when they are done they have to clean up that bin before they can have another. same as when I sit down to play games with them, and have structured play time (necessary for Joey's due to his developmental delays). We have a bin of cars, a bin of imaginary play (dress up, play food, etc), a bin of sports type activities, a bin of educational toys (shape sorters, puzzles, etc), a bin of art and crafts, a bin of stuffed animals, some bins just have random toys in them too. This system works really good for us. Our bins are see through colors - we got them at target. I also labeled the bins with what is in them. At naptime and bedtime all the toys are in their bins in the closet, except for the big toys. If I remember I'll get some pictures and load them! good luck figuring out what works for you, I'm sure you will manage!

Also, my kids love the clean up song. When its time to clean up I start singing it and they start cleaning. "clean up clean up every body every where, clean up clean up, every body do your share" at first I had to guide them for cleaning up (help them pick up the toy and put it into the bin), now they do it on their own.

momoftwinstwice said...

Just stumbled across your blog
Wanted to say that you have 3 of the most beautiful babies. You are very very blessed.