Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a week, 4 generations together!

This week has been wonderful & sad all at the same time. Mamama spent quite a few days hanging out during the day with us while my dad was at work. This gave her plenty of time to play & help w/ the babies. Seeing my 90 year old grandmother pick a baby up off the floor, feed them, hold them & play with them was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She is an inspiration!

As all this was going on, my Oma (my Mom's mom) was taken to the doctor on Friday. He dx her w/ Alzheimer's, stage 2. So, while this week was suppose to be full of good company, we also recieved a huge blow. We are still dealing w/ the news & actually quite shocked. We knew something was wrong, we just never imagined this.

We don't know what is in the future, how long it will be or how quickly/slowly this disease will progress, or how we are going to deal w/ a family. All I can ask is that if you are reading this & you believe in God, please say a prayer for my Oma & my mom b/c she is the one that has to see her mother go through this.

I have to also post positive things b/c I want to be able to show off the 4 generations that were together. I am very thankful to God to have my grandmothers still here on earth. I know Papapa & Opa are looking down on us all! Here are some pics of the 4 generations together!

This is a picture of my family w/ Mamama.

This is a picture of all the women together w/ the triplets.

I also have to share this picture of Mamama w/ Gabi & Ian. I love how it turned out!

Then we have the can I not post about the babies?!? Sofi got on all 4's this week (knees & hands) but only for a split second. I have a feeling she will be the 1st to crawl. Sofi is also a sitting machine! She is on the verge of getting in to sitting position on her own. I got a picture of her outside. This was the 1st time that she felt the grass between her toes.

Then we have Ian. Boy, he is really trying to crawl but the poor guy looks like a fish out of water, LOL! He also cut his 1st tooth on Monday. Poor guy was being left behind by his sisters. Might I also mention that he LOVES chunky food & Cheerios?!? Here he is w/ his tio (uncle) & proud Godfather!

Then we have our sweet Gabi. Gabi likes to watch her brother & sister play. She also likes to cuddle w/ mommy. Her top teeth still haven't cut through but man, are they trying! Seems like Gabi likes to just hang out w/ friends. That is Lizzie in the picture w/ her. Lizzie came over on Thursday w/ her mommy for a playdate. It was great getting to play!

I have to also say that the kids are starting to play w/ one another quite a bit. It is the funniest thing to see them rolling on the floor together taking toys from each other. I'm going to have to snap a picture b/c Ian always seems to take the pacis from the girls. Mind you, he doesn't like the paci. Won't suck on it, just likes to take it from the girls, chew on it & then drop it. That's it. So funny!

As much as I don't want them to keep getting bigger, I enjoy watching my babies grow & find new interest in the littlest of things. It is like discovering things all over again by watching them discover it. It IS a whole new world for them. What a joy!


perez quads said...

Hey Astrid, I am so sorry to hear about your Oma dx. I am totally the praying kind, so count on me for some prayers, for Oma and your family. The babies are getting so big and cute. We still need to catch up with each other. I am going to shoot you an email today.

Jaime said...

What special pictures that you'll be able to cherish and pass down through the years!

Nicole O'Dell said...

You will treasure those pictures! Beautiful family!

thanks for replying to my blog thread at TC. I've added you to my follow list.