Monday, September 13, 2010

Washing Neighbor Steve's Van

I could write a book about the afternoon,
but instead I will let the pics tell the story.
(with some narration, of course)

The cleanest bumper on the block.
I swear.

Neighbor Steve showing Sofi how to use the hose.
Ian was giggling in the background!

Sofi has Momma's feet,
hands down.

Just call him Mr. Bubbles.

Neighbor Steve gave the kids COKE in CUPS.
There is a first time for everything.
The good thing was that the kids burned off the sugar.

Ian has a beautiful profile,
even w/ the coke dripping from his chin.

Sofi couldn't have been happier.
She felt like such a big girl!


Gabi takes such beautiful profile & 3/4 pics!


Meltdown #1

Meltdown #2

Ianchito not having a care in the world.
So opposite his sisters!
(Also, my fave shot of the day.)

Gabi was trying really hard to reach!

And then splash the water.

What a beautiful day this was.
We have the greatest neighbors in the world!


The Wright Trips said...

Astrid, I love looking at your pictures! I'm also really in to photography but can't seem to find the patience to actually sit down & study all of the settings on my camera. I seem to just point & shoot & I really want to find out how to properly use the manual settings, ISO, F Stop & all that good stuff.

Anyway, your babies are adorable! My fav pic is Gabi trying to reach. Gorgeous!


Jennifer said...

AMAZING pictures! The kids are so going to appreciate it when they grow up.

Question for you: who had more fun? The kids or neighbor Steve?

Family of 5 said...

super cute! you're getting good with that camera!

Surviving Triplets said...

I think Neighbor Steve has just as much, if not more fun, than the kids!

And thanks...I got to use the fancy shmancy portrait lens. Might I add, I have to manual focus?

Tonya said...

Looks like an awesome time! Meltdowns and all! Love your pics!

Susan said...

I love that through all the water and suds, the girls still have their bows in their hair. Cuteness!!