Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Mommas & Poppa

It was one of those days.
The kind where you are ready to lock them under the stairs but decided it's better to go outside.

Yes, one of those days.
We have never taken the kids walking further than the end of the block.
But Sunday was the day.
It had to be.

The stairs aren't a good option.
Too much crap under there.
And I'm sure someone would have called CPS.
(I'm seriously kidding about the stairs.)

So the kids got their strollers.
Picked out something to put in them.

Sofi took her baby.
She takes her baby EVERYWHERE.
She is my resident hoarder.
If she could, she would take the whole house.
No joke.

Gabi took her Minnie Mouse.
She love Minnie.
Adores Minnie.
Sleeps w/ Minnie.
And wears Minnie.

Then there is Ian.
He took his "color paper".
It's one of those magnetic writing boards.
This is the mini version.
Interesting choice.

And we were off...

Things got a little hairy going down the driveway.
Ian was holding things up.

That is how Sofi got ahead.
Silly girl wasn't waiting to get on the sidewalk.

Playing w/ angles.
I'd love to take a photog class.

Going around the corner,
we had a bit of a traffic jam.

Introducing Sofi's baby.
You will see her often.
She was a very good sport on the walk.
No crying or complaining.
No matter how many times Sofi went off roading.

Ian ditched the stroller as soon as he saw the swing.
He's such a boy.

About 5 houses from home,
Gabi & Ian didn't want anything to do w/ their strollers.
Mommy ended up carrying them.
I'm not complaining.
At least it wasn't too bad.

In case you wanted to visualize what I looked like,
here is Sofi demonstrating.

Now I feel accomplished.
My kids have walked the block.
Not part of it.
The whole damn thing.



Richele said...

I just found your blog - and you gave me hope, such fantastic hope!

Hope that we, too, will walk around the block one day.


Surviving Triplets said...

LOL! Yes, there IS hope! Hang in there! The 1st year is by far the hardest but it gets better after that. I hope you enjoy the blog!