Friday, September 3, 2010

Pretty Pink Toes

The girls favorite new thing.
Pink Toes.

It doesn't get much better than that
when you are 2.5 yrs old.
Ok, it can.

They can have black toes like mommy.
But mommy didn't have black polish at home.

So pretty pink toes it is!

Ian felt the need to support his sisters.
He sat next to them as they got their toes painted.
(Yes, I made all the outfits.)

Sofi's pretty toes...
looks just like momma's feet.

Gabi & her pretty toes!
Just like her Daddy's toes...

Gabi so excited to see her pink toes!
She just kept standing & looking down.

Once again, my boy had to get in on the action.
He was blowing their toes dry.
He's so sweet!


Susan said...

How cute! And I love the dresses!

Jennifer said...

That's so fun!

I can't get over how much older Ian looks with his new haircut!

Miranda said...

Too sweet :) What CUTE little toes they have!

BlueandPinkMommy said...

How CUTE!! I can't wait to be able to paint Lorali's toes :) And HOW SWEET of Ian.

LOVE the outfits by the way :)

Leslie said...

Very cute!

Love the shot of Gabi looking at her toes!

Megan said...

Very cute! That is the only way I can get the girls to let me cut their toe nails and finger nails. I have to paint them when I am done!

TBB said...

so cute! =) i'm also a mom of triplets. same as you, 2 girls and a boy. :) endless party!