Saturday, September 4, 2010

Swimming Fun!

It finally happened.
My dreams came true.
I've been dying for it to come to fruition.

Today was the perfect FAMILY day.
Tio (Ian) & Tia (Jess) came over this morning.
We went for a swim next door.
Like every other family that has 1 kid at a time.
It was awesome.

4 adults, 3 kids.
The perfect ratio.

We had so much fun!
The kids finally got arm floaties.
What a difference it makes!

Sofi is still timid.
Ian is Ian...always having fun.

Then there is daredevil Gabi.
She's CRAZY.
No doubt.

I have video to prove it.

Notice that she barely waits til I count to 3?
Yeah, I said crazy.
I meant crazy.

After swimming, we went home.
Showered & ate lunch.
The 7 of us.
Around a regular table.


Then it was nap time.
The kids went down w/o a peep.
Peace at last.

I even laid down.
Fell asleep curled up in a ball on the couch.

Then the kids woke up.
They were antsy.
So, I took them walking.

Barefoot, wearing their outfits I made them for the 3rd day in a row.
Having a blast feeling the grass between their toes.
Mommy just sitting back & watching them have fun.

I walked them around for 45 minutes.
Stopped to talk to neighbors.
You know, regular 'stuff'.

'Stuff' I've only dreamed about.
Until today.

After walking, Daddy went to get fajitas.
And we ended the night w/ a wonderful family dinner.

Did I mention how perfect the day was?

Thank you God.

Adding the link to the video for those that can't see.
Swimming Fun


Jennifer said...

I can't see your video.

That makes me sad.

Do I have to do anything to see it?

Andrea said...

so awesome astrid! family days like that make life worth living in my opinion. =)

Surviving Triplets said...


I added a link for you!


Jennifer said...

Thank you.

Of course, Murphy's Law now dictates that the video now pops up on the screen.

Awesome video! It's great that the kids are getting old enough that you can do "normal" stuff with them.

Susan said...

What a great video! Gabi is definitely your water baby!