Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a game that started a while back.
The kids came up w/ it.
Todd put a name to it.

Basically, the kids escape from where ever & hit the ground,
staying still & pretending that no one can see them.
Possum is another name, right?

And being the cheesy parents that we are,
we totally buy in to the game.
We start saying, "Where is _____? I can't see them!"
We walk around them.
Over them.
On top of them.
(Don't worry, no injuries to speak of.)

We say "They are INVISIBLE!"
They say some variation.

Adults can't find them unless they move.
Only they can find each other.

It is the cutest game in the world.
And I never thought I would get a picture.

Until they all escaped the living room.
(Thanks Ianchito.)
And this is what I found...
(please keep in mind, this was a shot in the dark...get it...they are invisible...HA)

3 kids that were "INVISIBLE".
Boy, did they take forever to become UNinvisible.



Tonya said...

I love it! How adorable are they!

Aries said...


Seanaci said...

Love it!! My son STILL plays this game with us and he's 3. :)