Friday, April 3, 2009

PT w/ Ian

We had our 1st meeting w/ the physical therapist on Tuesday. Yep, on their b-day. It was actually very educational. The PT instructed me on how to work w/ Ian. I have a friend who is a bit concerned about her daughter so I told her I would video us doing a PT session together. Luckily (ok, not so luckily b/c I didn't get a break, LOL) Ian did not take his morning (or afternoon, the booger) nap so we had some 1 on 1 time to do the PT & video it. I thought it would be good to share w/ everyone, not just Miss A & L. Hopefully this will help someone besides just us.

On the developmental front, Ian went from sitting to on his hands & knees yesterday which takes quite a bit of control. He has replicated the action only a couple of more times but that tells us his core is getting stronger. The PT explained that w/o a strong core, he would not be able to crawl regularly & would stick to the ground. I'm going to do my best to do the PT exercises w/ him daily but in the world of triplets, that is not always possible. Honestly, if I can do it every other day, I will be happy.

The girls are doing wonderfully. Gabi is starting to attempt standing on her own & walking. Sofi is walking all over the place. She also loves to crawl under things & get trapped, silly girl! We have discovered some new toys too, Mommy's stainless steel bowls. They LOVE them!

Along w/ the good, also comes a bit of bad. Biting. The girls bite when they want Mommy's attention, especially Miss Sofi. She has bitten Ian hard enough on the foot to break the skin. I know this is a phase & thankfully it isn't happening often. If you have any suggestions on how to handle it, comments are appreciated.

Of the 3, Ian really enjoyed his cupcake. My friend, Nikki, said he "conquered his cupcake" & I think that is pretty accurate!

Gabi was a bit more methodical, putting 1 finger in the icing at a time & licking it off. It took her a good 15 min to actually dig in!

Sofi was only interested in the duck & when I took it away, she was PISSED!


Kel said...

What great pics! I'm glad the PT session went well. With a bit of work - we honestly only get in honest practice at PT stuff every couple of days as well - it was only about 3 weeks between when Danny could go from sitting to hands and knees and when he could crawl ... so watch out! :)

Leslie said...

Lovin' the cake faces!! :D Happy Birthday kiddos! :)

Texas Gal said...

Thanks Astrid! You are awesome! I appreciate the video. I am going to do one for you to see where we are -- and we'll try out these ideas. Thanks so much!

The pics are too funny. Lizzie was, again, just like Gabi! I am totally cracking up at Sofi. And Ian totally owned that cupcake! What a boy!!! :)

Thanks again momma! Off to take my own footage from our cushion!

Following Him said...

LOVE the cake picts! Totally adorable and memorable too. Glad Ian did so well in PT too :)