Thursday, April 9, 2009

What NOT to say!

Ok, this is 1 topic that needs to be discussed b/c the reality of the situation is that people can say some really STUPID CRAP! Sorry, I don't mean to be rude but all I ask is that you not treat us like a freak show which is what normally happens. Please excuse the sarastic remarks. Sometimes they make it out of my mouth in time, sometimes they stay in my head. Here are some comments we have recieved while out & about...

"Are they twins?" ~ Well, Can you count? There are THREE BABIES!
"Are they identical" ~ Hmmm...can boys & girls be identical? I thought they had different private parts!
"Are they natural?" ~ Uh...well, they are human, yes. They are not aliens & I hope they aren't plastic!
"That is just NOT normal!" ~ WHAT? Who do you think you are? It is completely normal in MY WORLD to have 3 babies. Sorry, we don't fit your definition of 'normal'.
"I'd shoot myself!" ~ Here, let me get you the gun!
"God bless you!" ~ Yes, He did.
"Better you than me." ~ Apparently so, we have enough love to go around.
"You have your hands full!" ~ Yes, & our hearts.
"Do you watch that know, the 1 where they have like 8 kids?" ~ You mean Jon & Kate Plus 8? Not really. You see, I have TRIPLETS, not SEXTUPLETS. Besides, just b/c I had 3 babies at 1 time doesn't mean I am a fan of the show. This is ALWAYS 1 of the 1st questions!

Not only do we get these strange comments but people want to talk to us for ever. The problem, I am trying to run an errand & only have so much time to do it in. Please respect that & understand that I will not sit & talk for 10-15 minutes. Us HOM (higher order multiple) families really appreciate nice comments & not being followed around.


Kel said...

Hoo boy! I feel you hon... Obviously for none of the same reasons, but now that our son wears cochlear implants, I am constantly getting weird comments and stopped in the grocery store.

I love the 'are they identical' one too - I have a friend with boy/girl twins who get that ALL the time.

Lucco Girls said...

Haha! You nailed it. Every one of those questions is a 'most common'. Lately it's been "well at least it's not 8 like that other woman." least. She really has 14 but people leave out the other 6. Great post!

Following Him said...

You go girl! Having many multiples friends, I have learned how so many people talk b/f they speak! The comments have to stop all the time...I agree :)

Brittanie said...

You know, there are 7 kids in my family, though we're all singletons, we got tons of comments too. Especially when they found out we aren't a blended family, my mother and father are biological parents of ALL of us.

Why can't people just think before they speak? I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. It's a horrible feeling to feel like you're a freak show.


2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

So true
I dont have triplets but i did just have my 2nd set of twins and i have had my fair share.
Now its: omg you have 2 sets of twins, and they are all boys, what are the odds of that?
Like as if its never happened to anyone else.

I hate it too when i am in a hurry and people want to talk. They cant say a simple "Are they twins?" and leave it at that, they have to ask a million questions.

Ugh, I totally feel for ya

You do have some cuties though =)

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

One more thing i forgot to mention that you did

Why do people mention John and Kate plus 8? LOL
I thought it was odd when someone mentioned it to me.
Better yet, i get "have you heard about the lady that had octuplets? they say this after hearing my youngest are my second set"
ha, i am just thinking "what does that have to do with my twins? totally different scenarios"

JO said...

Unfotunately it is the nature of the beast. You have to just grin and bear it and realize MOST people are not trying to be rude - just curious.

My trio are 10 and I can tell you, after the baby toddler years, it does die down some - so respite is coming. Hang in there - it will get better.

Adi said...

I get the worst comments with a toddler and being pregnant. i can't imagine what you get. People have absolutely NO tact. Screw the world!! lol

ohno4kids said...

I feel ya, I left Target in tears the other day because people kept crowding around me. I felt like some kind of freak show. I don't know if I'll do it again by myself thats for sure.

My reply to the "you got your hands full"
"Better full than empty"

Melissa said...

Thank You!!!! I have been thinking the same thing for 3 years! The best thing I think people can say, and then keep walking, is God Blessed You. Yes I think so also!
My MIL brings me everything see sees about HOM. For some reason she looks at me and ask if I know them. What?!?
I love reading your blog!
Missys3 on TC

Kristy said...

I don't have trips but twins and people ALWAYS ask me if I watch Jon&Kate. Like, how is that relevant. When I found out we were having twins would always say, "WOW, you are going to have five kids" (I already had 3 boys)--As if I can't count. People stop us all the time to talk and ask questions. My sister actually printed a sign for me to hang on the stroller that says, "will talk for money".

Surviving Triplets said...

AAhhh-haaaa! That is great! I'm going to make me a sign too..."will talk for money"!!!!

Susan said...

I'm right there with you! I always find it hard to believe that people come up and comment since I would never think of doing that. The Jon & Kate thing is the most annoying though. Like just b/c I had multiples I automatically watch the show?! Usually if you don't make eye contact with people, they will stay away....but you can always feel the eyes on you!! LOL!

Heather said...

I understand somewhat! I have twins- so I know I don't get stopped as often as you, but I have gotten some of the same comments. I did get the, "I would kill myself" comment once and was just amazed. I've also gotten, "I'm sorry" well, I'm not!!

I do like that "will talk for money" idea.

Shosh said...

Ha. I find it hysterical how stupid people can be. And also how enthralled people get with the idea of multiples, as if theyve never seen twins before or something. my boys are a year apart and people ask me all the time if they are twins. i guess its just a conversation starter dont want a conversation with a random stranger!

anyway...if i had to pick my favorite....i would pick asking if they are identical!! HA!!! thats ones just plain stupid!!

Anna said...

I've come to the conclusion there are A LOT of rude and stupid people everywhere. Most of the time I just ignore them. I hate the Jon and Kate comment too! As if I have free time to watch it!

Anonymous said...

Miss Manners would have a field day with this...but not in the way you would expect her to.

People comment because they are honestly interested and trying to make a connection. In this day and age of isolation, what a wonderful thing! How sad that it inconveniences you.