Monday, April 6, 2009

Bows :)

I'm not a bowhead. I never wore bows in school. As a matter of fact, I made fun of bowheads. What is the deal w/ my obsession w/ bows now? I don't put them in the girls' hair b/c we only stay at home so no need for it, right? Well, turns out that I really like to make bows. My friend A sent me lots of instructions on how to make bows & I can't wait to try them out. The only problem is my girls don't wear them & when I do try to put them in their hair, they pull them out anyway. What is a mommy to do w/ all these bows? Maybe another give-away on my diaper cake site b/c I won't do it on here. Maybe add them to my diaper cakes? I kind of like that idea!

Anyway, I decided to make the girls' bows for their b-day party outfits which by the way, has been moved ONCE AGAIN to accomodate the many people that can't be here the 25th (like 5 of the people we were inviting). I have to show them off since this is my 1st attempt at anything more than wrapping the banana clip.

I put them on the tutus so I wouldn't lose them & actually, I like the way they look soooo I think I'll be making some bows for the tutus now except a little bit bigger. I have the rubber ducky buttons to put on them too!

In other news, the kids are doing really well. I think we are done w/ the virus & the remenants of the "cold" the kids got. I haven't had to really wipe any noses this morning. Thank God! Sofi is walking EVERYWHERE w/ reckless abandon. Gabi is cautiously trying & Ian is getting better at pulling up on things.

Here is Miss Gabi playing on Mommy's laptop. She is fascinated w/ it!

Ian went after the pink monkey that is Gabi's but not for long before he lost interest.

Miss Sofi likes to walk along the wall & "hug" it.

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Adi said...

I can't believe how bit they are getting! Those bows are so stinkin adorable and if I were having a girl I would have you make me some!