Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picky eaters!

For the past 1.5 months, I have let the food guard down. The babies are constantly trying new things. The other day I thought it would be cute to give them some ambrosia salad. Can we say YUMMY? The kids LOVED it. I'm thinking it had to be the whipped cream. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Please excuse the mac & cheese they had all over them, tee-hee! Never mind all the cream!

At the same time, as much as they liked this & any other fruit under the sun, they are also quite the picky eaters. What's up w/ that? One day they love turkey dogs, the next day they won't have anything to do w/ them. Like many other mommies/daddies I know w/ kids this age, the menu seems to be very limited. I would think they would get tired of the same stuff over & over again but if I give them something besides that, they refuse it & then start crying. Man, I thought I was moody!

For instance, today I made them a grilled cheese sandwich w/ american & mozzarella cheese, something they normally L.O.V.E. Well, Miss Gabi decided today was the day she would refuse to eat it. HUH? Come on! This is the fail safe meal! I eventually gave in after a 15 minute temper tantrum & gave her fresh fruit after which she promptly ate her grilled cheese. HMFT!

I suppose they are discovering that they can actually make decisions. That is what it has to be...control. They can finally control what goes in their mouth, when & what order. This too shall pass.

Until then, my brain is out of ideas to try out w/ these kids. I will continue to offer new foods in hopes that their tastes will once again include a wide variety of tastes.


Anonymous said...

Try cream cheese and jelly can toast them too!

Adi said...

If Marcus refuses to eat what I've made for him, he doesn't get anything until until he's hungry enough to eat it, lol. HOnestly, that's the only way I've kept my sanity. Marcus will eat almost anything I give him now. Makes feeding veggies a breeze!

Norina said...

yup, I have this same issue with Zech. They like to assert their little independence :) It's kinda we play the game, for now, I don't want to stifle him :) And like Miss Gabi, usually when I distract with another item he ends up eating the first thing he refused along the way :) Have fun!