Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Puke, puke, & more puke

Stomach viruses suck. Need I say more?

It started yesterday morning w/ Miss Gabi. She spit up when I picked her up from her crib to change her 1st thing in the morning. I didn't think it was anything so she took about 3 oz of her 7 oz bottle. That was kind of weird but then I understood why. It came back up. Did I figure it out then? Nope. I went ahead & fed her breakfast. Well, what ever little she would eat of it. And...she puked it up. That is when I realized there was something going on.

I called the dr & she called back. Said there was no need to come in but to do the following...

~ 1 tsp of water every 5 min for 4 hrs
~ 2 tsp of water every 5 min for the 5th hr
~ 4 tsp of water every 5 min for the 6th hr
~ 8 tsp of water every 5 min for the 7th hr
~ BRAT diet for 24 hrs after that

Now, for those of you w/ multiple kids, whether they be the same age or not, you totally understand how this is virtually impossible! I managed the 1 tsp every 5 min for 4 hrs, 1 of which she was napping. Then I was starting to fight her on the 2 tsp every 5 min but managed to get it in at least every 10, if not earlier. I also gave her some bananas for lunch b/c the poor dear was sitting at the table w/ her 2 siblings crying b/c she wanted to eat too.

Forget the 4 & 8 tsp every 5 min...HA! She did hold down 1/2 a glass of water & ate a grilled cheese (very light on the cheese) for dinner. At 7pm, instead of a bottle of water, I got some frozen breast milk & watered it down 2oz BM to 2oz water. She held it down.

Now, I was paranoid so I was checking on the babies every hour after we put them down. When I went in at 10pm, Ian was laying in a pool of vomit. I was heartbroken! My poor boy had it EVERYWHERE. I got him up, cleaned him the best I could & laid on the couch w/ him. He puked another 4-5 times w/ each getting less & less in severity & intensity.

Sleep? HA. What is sleep? Besides the fact that we apparently have some kind of stomach bug going through the house, the rain didn't let up all night long. The weather was pretty severe, I'd say it sounded a lot like Hurricane Ike b/c even thought the boy was sleeping nice & snug next to me on the couch, I was awake listening to the trees being blown around & the big claps of thunder that shook the house, startling me nearly off the couch at least a dozen times, if not more.

So, here I am, a very sleep deprived mommy w/ the smell of vomit all over me. The kids are cranky, as am I. BUT. We will survive. Todd is staying home b/c he can't get out of the subdivision. Literally. The roads are flooded. We will conquer this together & maybe get in a nap, God willing.

Sorry, I'll post pics next time.


Following Him said...

Oh no...hope everyone is well soon!

Adi said...

Oh Astrid! I'm so sorry you guys are all sick again. Puking babies have to be the saddest thing in existence!! I hope Sofi gets lucky and doesn't catch it and that Gabbi and Ian get better soon! Poor things :(

ccdean said...

Ohh how I feel for you. We have been there. We called it the plague when it hit our house. Someone gave me the tip of lactaid when it was time to introduce milk back in the diet and it helped a lot, they were able to hold it down better than whole milk. Hang in there things will get better. My trips had the "plague" on my birthday....Happy Birthday to me!!!

Meluch+3 said...

Sorry you're going through that. If it's any consolation, we had our very own puke incident....in the car! Hopefully you guys are all on the mend by now.

Annie said...

So sorry. I hope they feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your dh is home to help you out. I know how upset I was the first time I went to check on one of my sons when he was a baby and found him lying in vomit - I wanted to cry that I hadn't realised he was sick. I'm sure Ian was very happy to have some snuggles on the couch with his Mom while he was feeling sick. Hope they all get well soon/that Sofi doesn't catch it too.
(in australia)