Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Then & Now

Then...nervous about how our trio was doing as they were transported to the NICU.
Now...nervous b/c of how many bumps they seem to accumulate on their head.

Then...discovering what a mother's love meant.
Now...experiencing what a mother's love means.

Then...Sofi weighed in at 4lb 9oz & 17.5" long.

Now...Sofi weighs in at 20lb 13oz (50%) & 30.5" (90%) long.

Then...Gabi weighed in at 4lb 4oz & was 17" long.

Now...Gabi weighs in at 22lb 6oz (75%) & is 30.5" (90%) long.

Then...Ian weighed in at 4lb 1oz & was 18" long.

Now...Ian weighs in at 18lb 15oz (5%) & is 30" (60%) long.

Then...my belly the day we met our beautiful babies!

Now...my belly today after having 3 beautiful babies!

Then...life was just about me & Todd.
Now...life is about having 3 children & feeling fulfilled.

Then...having our parents support us unconditionally.
Now...having our parents be the most wonderful grandparents in the world.

Then...not knowing who our pediatrician was.
Now...loving Dr. Nguyen & appreciating her kindness & understanding!

Then...not knowing what life really meant.
Now...understanding the meaning of life.

God gave us the chance to be parents to the most wonderful babies in the world. We are honored & thank Him every day for blessing us w/ Sofia, Gabriella & Ian. Thank you for following us on our journey!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday babies...oops!..not babies anymore!! They are so wonderful Astrid. I admire all you and the gang have accomplished this far. The best is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gabi Sofi and Ian! I can't believe they're 1!


Laura said...

What a beautiful post! Happy birthday babies!!!

Adi said...

SO.... I'm a bit depressed that you had 3 babies in there and look so amazing at a year. I had only one adn looked like crap!

Happy birthday Trips!! Gabby weighs more than my 19 month old... Ian looks like he's following the same trend in weight that Marcus is!

* The Mom said...

You're making me cry!! It's so wonderful, isn't it?



Allison said...

I am so jealous about your tummy girl! ;) I need a tummy tuck in a bad way. But that's ok, it's my reminder that I carried 3 big babies in me for 34w3d! :) Happy Bday Ian, Gabi, and Sofi!

Marla said...

Love this post! Happy Birthday to your beautiful babies!!!

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Ian, Sofi and Gabi! Great Pst and you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ian, Sofi & Gabi! And congratulations to you and Todd. What an amazing, wonderful year you had. And there are many more wonderful years to come:)!


Anna said...

Happy Birthday Gabi, Sofi, and Ian. I got all misty reading this. They are a pretty/handsome bunch. You are a wonderful mom Astrid! Your stomach looks great too! WOW!

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Gabi, Sofi & Ian. We made it through the first year! I can't wait to see what the future brings for our 7 kids, between the two of us.LOL Hope you had a great birthday.
1 yr old GBBB quads
9yr old son
5yr old daughter

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday babies!!!!

Leslie said...

Okay, this entry made me cry. I'm proud of you for all you do for the babies and for not losing your mind when you really wanted to! Love you lots! <3 Leslie

Ricardo said...

Hi, Astrid, this is Richard from Argentina. Just met Rodolfo and Poppy at Karens' place. Sé que te gusta practicar español, así que sigo "in spanish". Rodolfo nos dio la dirección de tu blog y quedamos encantados que los chicos estuvieran creciendo bien. Felicitaciones para ti y Todd, los chicos son hermosos, y para ellos un muy felíz cumpleaños un poco atrasado. Les di un CD con algunas fotos de la familia para que lleven allá, y Rodolfo nos mostró las fotos que trajeron ellos, de la casa, del "rancho", de Ian y su novia, de Oma, etc, etc. En fin, nos alegra mucho haberlos visto (aunque sea en fotos) y que están tan felices y encaminados en sus vidas. Y con esas pequeñas bellezas que tienes como hijos, imagino que tienes una dicha completa.
Claudia, Cecilia y yo les mandamos muchos cariños y deseamos lo mejor para ustedes. Un gran beso, Richard.

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