Saturday, March 14, 2009

Booming Business!

I told myself that I wouldn't post on this blog about my diaper cake & more business but I have to brag just a little b/c I really ADORE the last 3 diaper cakes I have just made as well as the Texas A&M cake. I am really wanting this to take off & have invested some $ in more ribbon & other decorations that I am DYING to use. I am also considering shipping the cakes, if I can do it so that they don't fall apart while in transit. For the most part, they are sturdy & hold together well but I know how they throw boxes around b/c I use to work for UPS.

I also would like some followers :) so if you like to follow me & see my new creations, please do!

Texas A&M Cake

"Sugar Plum" ~ pink & purple 4-tier cake

"Candy Stripes" ~ pink & white 4-tier cake

"Purple Passion" ~ purple & white 4-tier cake

The coordinating 3 cakes together.

If you know anyone that needs a diaper cake, a diaper wreath, a towel cake or anything similar, I would love to help you out. PLEASE keep me in mind! My email address is


Marie said...

Astrid, you are SO talanted!! The cakes look gorgeous!! Congrats on the business! I hope it makes you a ton of $$$ and brings you a lot of joy!

Following Him said...'ve got talent. Love the TAMU and purple ones the best!

Surviving Triplets said...

Thanks ladies! I really appreciate you taking the time to look.

Christina said...

I luv your cakes !!! I am a follower from JM and have watched your lil ones grow from in you tummy! If I can ever get pg again ;) I will be buying one from ya and my sis is ttc right now as well so I will be getting one for her shower !! I love the Pink one and the AMU one !

BenLand said...

so pretty!!

Lisa said...

Hey there Astrid , im in the misdt of building my blog and Im going to be doing some giveways here soon! I would love to talk about geting a cake and using it for a giveway it is a geart way to get your blog out there , if you want go to they are great with helping get your blog out there and they list your blog in there online stores !

Hope that helps a bit!