Friday, March 27, 2009

About my diaper cakes...

I know, here I am posting AGAIN about my diaper cakes. I am TOTALLY not going to promote my business here but I am doing a give-away, albeit small. I would love for everyone to go check out the cute bows I made & am giving away. Yes, I am trying to bribe people. I cannot lie.

I would also like to thank another wonderful triplet mommy, Kelly, for kindly making us beautiful favor tags for the kids' b-day party. She is also a work-at-home-mom & has a store on Ebay as well as her own website. Please check them out!

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Karen said...

I follow your blog regularly, love reading it and also like reading about your diaper cakes. It's your decision, but I would think this is a great place to talk about them. No need to apologize!