Friday, March 6, 2009

ECI Assessment & Birthday Pics!

Yesterday was Ian's assessment w/ ECI. It is bittersweet b/c he does indeed qualify. The reason I say this is b/c I don't think a parent really wants their child to be labeled "developmentally delayed" BUT at the same time, it is great he qualified for help. He was assessed to be developmentally in about the 6-9 month range & they were using his adjusted age at 10 mths so he really isn't all that behind except for in speech. I knew that was coming. He babbles & talks to his sisters but he isn't big on repeating sounds yet. He wasn't before he got sick either. Something that made me feel better is that his pediatrician said that boys tend to develop speech later than girls. That makes sense b/c my girls are talkers, especially Gabi!

ECI will be coming out once a month & that is to just verify that he is making adequate progress. If for some reason he falls further behind or needs more intervention sessions, they will provide him w/ it. The ladies were impressed that I had been keeping a log of his redevelopment milestones. I was able to accurately tell them how long he had been sitting, crawling, turning, etc. I'm glad Dr. Nguyen suggested it!

A nutritionist also came out which was rather interesting b/c I could run by her what I was doing w/ the kids. Thankfully she affirmed my actions! She said it was totally normal for Ian to be refusing formula as he is reaching 1 & will not particularly like the taste. She also said what I am feeding the trio is excellent & to keep it at around 100-120 calories per meal. I asked about snacks & she said b/c they are eating every 4 hrs, that we don't need to give any to them.

We got to weigh Ian again & measure him. I was concerned he hadn't gained weight in the past 10 days b/c of the lack of milk/formula but he managed to go from 19lb 2oz to 19lb 5oz. YAY! He is also already 29 1/4" long. WOOT!

One last thing about food, she said that since they are so close to their 1st b-day, we can start integrating whole milk in to their formula bottles. We will start tonight w/ 1/4 milk & 3/4 formula. Every few days we will add more milk & less formula.

Man, that was a book! I have got to get to the best part! We took pics in the backyard yesterday for their 1st b-day. I think considering I was the photographer, they turned out pretty decently. Rather than bore you w/ all 100 shots, I'm only going to post my faves.

Here is sweet Gabi.

My precious Ian.

Our sassy Sofi.


txsjewels said...

WOW! they are so grown up!!! i can't believe they are already little kids... bye bye babies. sad. i'm not suprised that boys develop slower. let's be honest, do they REALLY ever catch up? really? they are so gorgeous. can't wait for the big b'day shindig!!! yeeha, i'm the first comment.

Surviving Triplets said...

You crack me up Julie! LOVE YOU!

Adi said...

That's funny that Gabby is a gabber, lol! I'm glad Ian is doing better, even it's not perfect yet. I'm sure he'll be fine. He's been watched and you caught everything fairly early. Can you imagine if you had waiting to take him in on any of those occasions! I'm glad you're mommy instinct is intact, lol. And what great pictures! Thanks for sharing! I can't believe they're already one..

Kristy said...

Awesome pictures Astrid! My girls turned one today. Bittersweet.


Following Him said...

Seriously adorable...I am also glad ECI is coming for Mr. Ian. Yes it is bittersweet, but the help that they provide lasts a lifetime. Have a great weekend!

Jaime said...

First of all, I can hardly believe that your trio are about to have their 1st birthday at the end of the month. I swear it seems like they were just born!!! Also, reading your post, my feelings have been reaffirmed. My babies are getting ready to be evaluated for developmental delay and I'm really nervous about it but you have put it into perspective for me so, THANKS! Your photos look great, I'm impressed. Keep up the good work, mommy!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I can't believe your trio is almost a year old! They are adorable. I'm so glad Ian is starting to catch up with his sisters.

Brittanie said...

I can NOT believe that they're a year old already (almost!). Wow, where did the time go??

And by the way I just nominated you for an award. Check out my blog to see what it is!

Norina said...

Wow a year already! I remember stalking JM to hear of their arrival and now here we are a year later! I think you did an awesome job on their pics! Very professional looking indeed! Congrats on being one of the best moms I have had the pleasure of "knowing " :)

Grandmother Donna said...

So delighted and proud to be watching our Granddaughter, Sofi, taking her first steps on video!
Absolutely beautiful children, all three of them, with their charming, and "unique", personalities! God has truly blessed us, a multitude of times, with these three, precious children!
Love to all,
Grandma and Papap Novak xoxoxo