Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Birthday Cards

It is official! The kids all got their very own FIRST birthday cards! My aunts Helen & Jos sent the trio birthday wishes all the way from Holland. THANK YOU! The triplets are one of a kind on both sides of the family so this is a very special event. We are very thankful to have our family all over the world following their progres.

I had to take pics of them opening their envelope & looking at their cards. Needless to say, sharing was an issue although they each had a card. Please forgive the nakedness. We were battling fevers at the same time & didn't want them in anything but diapers.

This is Daddy's way of hanging out w/ the kids while they didn't feel well. SOOOO CUTE!

On another random note, this post has taken 3 days to finish b/c our internet/cable/phone has been out again. Comcast sucks!


Anonymous said...

Usually with fevers they get the chills and should have clothes on. A fever is the bodys way of fighting so I am not sure why you would keep them in a diaper keep them at least in a onesie or sleeper they are sure to catch another cold. Tylenol and Mortin should help so I again would recommend clothing!

Following Him said...

Aww they are just so precious! Glad daddy is "bonding" with them. Hope they all feel better soon!

Surviving Triplets said...

Thanks for the advice "anonymous". Next time I will go against dr's advice & follow yours. I suppose it is possible that you didn't know that my son suffers from febrile seizures so it is of utmost importance that we keep him cool. I also would suspect that you know you can't catch a cold from being cold. Again, the advice is appreciated!