Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The tutus are finished!

YIPPEE! I have finished the girls' b-day outfits! How come it is always harder to dress girls than boys? All my boy got was a shirt. Hmmmm? Anyway, I know you all are DYING to see the tutus so here they are in all their glory w/ the matching shirts.

Sofi is going to be in yellow & Gabi in the teal. I tried the tutus on yesterday & although they are a little big, they fit the girls perfectly. I can't wait to put their shirts on them!

Tomorrow is our 1st physical therapy session for Ian, 2.5 mths after all this began. Pretty long, huh? I guess that is what happens when you work w/ a state program. I'm curious to see what they say w/ his progress over the past 3 wks since the assessment. He is doing quite a bit better. At this point, he rather be standing than sitting or laying on the floor but he still can't quite pull himself up although we are practicing. It is the same process we went through w/ the girls. I put my fingers on the couch & he grabs on & pulls himself to standing. If my fingers aren't there, its a no go. He is also pulling himself in to the bouncy chairs which is what the girls did when they were learning to pull up. I am confident in saying that we are on the right road!

The girls are crazy as ever. Gabi has begun to say some words. They are bye-bye (yes, this time w/ meaning behind it), baby, bu-un (button), Mama, & Dada. She is also signing all done, eat & more as well as milk & waving bye.

Sofi is our mover & shaker. The girl has begun to take steps. She is on the verge of really walking on her own, having taken up to about 5-6 steps at a time. She loves to walk around holding just 1 finger. She is also practicing how to stand on her own w/o support.

My kids are growing up & every day is so much fun!


Susan said...

The tutus look so cute! Can't wait to see them on Saturday!!

Asher & Noah's Mommy said...

Those tutus are just "too too" cute...LOL, I had to! ;P

I can't believe the trips will be a YEAR OLD!! Where has the time gone??? You've done such an awesome job with them Hunny! WTG! =D

Surviving Triplets said...

Hehe...you are funny! "Too too" cute!

Allison said...

You did such a good job, those are so cute! Can't wait to see the pics!

Norina said...

You did a great job Astrid, not only with those adorable outfits, and the diaper cakes, and the bows but in being an amzing mommy to your 3 precious ones! Congrats on "surviving triplets" the first year!

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

I'm a long time lurker, but you did a great job on the outfits. I dont have any daughters but i can definately see how its easier to dress boys.

Ian (by the way i love the name, i have an ian also) sounds like he is progressing well and i wont be suprised to see him caught up soon. We had early intervention for my 1st set of twins and it did help alot.
Its gonna be so cute when they are all walking around the house. Its so much fun to watch

ETS said...

Hi, I love the bows! Where do you buy your clips? I can never find any small enough. Thanks!

Surviving Triplets said...

Hi ETS! I bought the clips at a beauty supply store. They also have them at Hobby Lobby or other craft type stores.