Thursday, March 26, 2009

Canceling the party :(

Yep, you are reading right. We are canceling their b-day party. Seems as though things in my life never come easy. Hmmm, that may explain me having triplets, LOL! You won't find me complaining though. I have learned from every trial & tribulation I have gone through.

The reason? All THREE babies are sick. It started w/ Sofi & now Ianchito & Gabi are running low grade fevers & have massive runny noses. Who knew babies could make so much snot? Really!?! Todd & I have busted out "Operation Kick the Sickies in the Ass". I'm full out working on keeping the data organized. I've got the white board split in to 3 & keeping track of meds & temps. Todd is the runner, going to the store for things we need. Sweet hubby went to Wal-mart while I fed the kids & got a thermometer (ear), Motrin, & Klenex w/ lotion. We are both tag teaming the kids. Can you imagine THREE sick babies? HAHA! It is a ball!

Here are my 3 sick babies. We are keeping them w/ just diapers on (good thinking Daddy!!!!). With what Ian went through w/ febrile seizures, we are doing everything possible to avoid them.

We will have their 1st birthday party, just not on Saturday! The show WILL go on!


BenLand said...

aww....hope your little sweeties are feeling better soon....

Following Him said...

Oh no! Hope everyone feels better soon! Having three sick at one time seems like a sort of marathon to me...good luck!

Allison said...

We've had snotty noses for months now! As long as the fevers go away I say...Party on!! Snotty noses never stop my three! ;) I hope they get better soon, can't wait to see pics of them in those cute outfits. :)