Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sofi had a big day!

With the good comes the bad. Yesterday was a big day for Miss Sofi. She started to really walk. Not a couple of tentative steps, but real honest-to-God steps while balancing herself & concentrating really hard. After trying all day to get her on tape, it finally happened when Daddy got home.

Sorry for my appearance b/c as well as walking, Sofi ended up sick. Long story, not even worth getting in to but she officially has a "virus". Her nose started running (clear) yesterday morning & didn't let up all day. More than just teething runny nose too. It was like a cold. I was concerned about it all day & was taking temps of all 3 kids. You know I'm going to be overly precautious b/c of what we went through w/ Ian. Finally, right before bedtime she got a fever. I called the nurses line & we were given an appt at the after hours clinic. So, instead of getting to go to bed last night, Sofi & I went to the dr.

We did a strep/flu quick test to make sure we weren't dealing w/ either. Her ears are clear & so are her lungs. She has a bit of a red throat. The pedi said the virus was mild. Thank God for little favors.

Now we are waiting to see if the other 2 get it. Ianchito is teething really bad, working on 3 upper teeth so it is hard to tell w/ him. Gabi is ok so far. Say a little prayer that we somehow manage to keep them healthy.


Norina said...

Awww sooo cute! I lvoe to see them first start to walk, FYI Zech went from those tentative first steps to full blown confident ones in like 2 days so be prepared, she will be running before you can blink an eye LOL! Congrats on having your first official walker! And I am praying her virus doesn't get any worse and that the other munchies don't catch it either. (((HUGS)))

Kaplanovs said...

Ditto the other comment, you will be amazed how quickly your little one will now take off everywhere! Mine started with a few steps, and within a matter of days, crawling was a thing of the past!

Hope the sickies are letting up soon!