Monday, March 30, 2009

The day before, a year ago...

I have to write this post. Every mom does but rather than writing it tomorrow, I am writing it today b/c I remember the anticipation I was feeling a year ago today. I woke up knowing that this would be the last day of bed rest & monitoring. I even let myself get up & walk around. We were all anxious & trying to take up time. Our good friend, Julie, came over to have dinner & take pics of me & the big belly.

This is what Daddy was doing waiting for the big day, LOL!

Somehow, we managed to sleep that night albeit not very well. We were both so excited about finally meeting Sofi, Gabi, & Ian. We wanted to "see" our children & who they looked like. We were also TERRIFIED. We wanted them to come out healthy. We were hoping & praying for little to no NICU time but knew that realistically many things could go wrong.

Too many mixed emotions. Not enough time to deal w/ them b/c as slowly as the time seemed to be going, it was also flying by. Tomorrow we were going to meet our babies, our 2 daughters & our son.


Samantha said...

Astrid, your belly looked great! Mine was all lopsided and bruised around my crazy belly button (which was so stretched that it wasn't even a button!).

Surviving Triplets said...

Awe! Thanks Samantha! I was very lucky. It was lopsided though. I just picked the best pictures, LOL!

Norina said...

What a great post. I'm all teary. Goash I remember meeting you in PL on JM like it was a blurry yesterday...and here we are today, you have THREE beautiful and healthy children. God is Amazing. Happy 1st b-day Sofi, Gabi, and Ianchito. You are so loved!

Surviving Triplets said...

Norina ~ We have come full circle, have we not? You have your sweet boy & I have the trio. God is good. He knows we suffered but the suffering was well worth the reward.


Karen (JM Mod) said...

Wow Astrid, I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I remember how many people were stalking you on JM, The whole board was so excited!

Happy 1st Birthday Gabi, Sofi and Ian!!

Susan said...

Happy birthday Sofi, Gabi & Ian!!!!

Brittanie said...

I just wanted to jump on and say happy birthday to the babies too! I remember being so excited for you at this time, anticipating news, praying for everything to go well.

Such an amazing thing! And you know what, your belly wasn't all THAT big considering.

((hugs)) and Happy birthday Sofi, Ian, and Gabi!

Megan Jannise said...

Happy Birthday Gabi, Ian, and Sofi! Your momma and daddy worked hard to get you here-- Don't give them too much trouble over the next 17 years! :-)

Happy Birthday Friends!

txsjewels said...

i remember those people... wow. it seems like so long ago. but it also seems like they should stay babies longer, right?

hang in there mommy. tears are just part of it. i look at my "little ones" and shake my head in wonder. i wonder how we'll make it...wonder how we made it.

it's an anniversary for me.. six years ago next week. my life changed just like yours did. but in a vastly different way.

love you pookie and all the little poopers,
auntie j