Sunday, June 7, 2009

Before I was a mommy...

things didn't bother me like they do now. Really. For instance, I was talking to my wonderful neighbor, Jane, when I noticed this preteen driving around in a golf cart, like he always does. I turned to Jane & asked, "Does that bother you?" She said it did & surprisingly I agreed with her.

There was a time before I was a mom that I would have though "Wow! What a lucky kid! I would have DIED to drive around our subdivision in a golf cart. COOL!" Now, not so much. This made me realize that there were lots of things I considered cool before I was a mommy & now I think they are quite rediculous.

I don't drink much anymore. If you knew me before, you could qualify me as a social drinker that liked to have a good time, especially on the weekends. Now, I'm good to go if I have a couple of beers. I don't even do that every night. I can't justify getting drunk anymore. What if something happens & my kids need me? Getting tipsy is more than enough & rarely at best. I'm sure this will change in time but for now, with them being so helpless, I will choose not to drink much.

I use to scoff at the thought of purchasing name brand grocery items but I find myself buying Tyson Anytizers all the time b/c that is what my kids like. Too bad they don't have an off brand for those Anytizers. I just give something up that I would like. Also, I get the kids Goldfish. They don't have a generic for that either. Hmft.

That is another thing that has changed, giving up things I would get myself so that my kids will have instead. I use to have a pretty good salary. Looking back, I spent it all frivolously. I don't have much to show for it. There is so much I didn't need. Wish I hadn't spent it all.

Bowheads, man...what can I say about that? Um, I never understood the need for ribbons & bows. Now that I have 2 girls, fa-ged-about-it! Seriously, if they would keep the bows in, they would be wearing them all the time. I think it is super cute! My girl will end up being bowheads unless they are tomboys & the likelyhood of that happening is pretty high since I was one.

Once upon a time, I thought breastfeeding past a year was weird. Yeah, not so much anymore. I've posted about it before. If you want to read the whole shpeel, here is the link.

Extended Breastfeeding

I use to frown upon those mommies that took their kids out in onesies. I just didn't understand but now I do. Not that I go to the dr w/ them in just onesies but they pretty much live in them unless we go out in public. For our evening walks, I don't put shorts on if they have a onesie on. I've got 3 kids to keep up with. Sorry!

I don't think I would have ever grown a garden but now I am seriously considering it for next year, as well as making my own mulching pile in the backyard which leads me to think about recycling. I did it sparingly in the past. Didn't think much of it. Now I am making more of an effort. I having shopping bags & rather than getting the plastic ones, I carry those around anywhere I go whether it be to the grocery store or the arts & crafts store. We also recycle plastic & I save all our papers for my parents to use. Who would have thunk? Me, a more earth conscience adult.

Speaking of home grown gardens, thank you Jane for giving us cherry tomatoes. Sofi & Ian loved them. Gabi, in true form, did not.

I know there is more that I want to say but I can't remember. It's been a long weekend! I can say this, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for my kids, to keep them safe & sound. They, along w/ Todd, are the core of my being.

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Karen said...

sigh, yes, the frivolous spending of money before kids. What I could do with that money now.

I also look back on the money I spend on my 3 year old. So much waste on clothing and products I didn't need. This time round with the twins I've skipped many things. I now try to stop myself before buying something and think about how long it will really be useful for.

oh well, hindsight is 40-40.

(and I don't put socks on my kids either :)