Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Successful Playdate!

I know it seems weird that playdates are such a big thing but they really are for me. Susan & her trio came over this past Wednesday. This time I was on my own territory so I wasn't quite as nervous. All I had to do was make sure the gate was up in the living room & that there were plenty of toys (eh that covered) & we were set. Ok, I even put shorts on the girls. I didn't want them thinking I was an unfit momma (kidding). I mean, I do have some kind of reputation to uphold.

Susan's (I'm really a bad person b/c I can't remember her name to save my life) mom also came along w/ her & the kids. She is the sweetest lady. Gabi took to her & insisted on sitting in her lap a good portion of the visit. Sofi had a favorite too. Susan. She wouldn't leave her alone or get out of her lap. When it was time for them to leave, Sofi cried. I'm not talking a little cry. She was super sad to see her go. She stood at teh gate for a good 5 minutes after they walked out the door & cried. I haven't seen her act that way towards anyone!

I had a little follower too. Ava crawled everywhere I went. She wanted to hang out w/ me. It was cute. We even talked about leaving Ava w/ me & sending Sofi home w/ them. I think the kids got along beautifully. In 2 wks, it will be our turn to go back over there. I *think* Susan's place is a bit more toddler proofed (wink, wink).

The boys were typical. Very content doing what they were doing. Andrew was fascinated w/ this Winnie the Pooh toy we have. Susan couldn't believe how long he sat up.

I have to say, the stimulation for all the babies was good. I'm glad to give them the opportunity to play w/ others. They tend to be rougher w/ one another & I'm always concerned that they will be rough w/ others but they do pretty well.

Here is a picture of sweet Ava chasing me <3!

Sofi sitting in Susan's lap.

My feeble attempt at getting the 6 kids in 1 picture.

Besides playdates, we have been busy getting things ready for our 2nd Father's Day. Can't say anything b/c Daddy reads this.

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The Marquarts said...

Hey...if you need 3 highchairs! I have 3! Free! We are sitting in boosters at the table! yea!!