Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daddy's TWO special days!

This year, Todd's birthday fell the day after Father's Day so he was in for some very special treats. I had been planning for his gift for at least a month. Of course, w/ triplets, you need about that long to get things accomplished, especially if it is going to be a surprise.

Last year's gift was really special, the 1st year he celebrated being a daddy. This year had to be equally special & it is my goal to be creative every Father's Day. So, I bought a stepping stone making kit at Michael's a few weekends back & realized I would need help getting this done so I asked my wonderful neighbor, Jane, to come over & help w/ kid control. Thursday was the big day. I mixed the cement, put it in the mold, came up w/ a cute saying for the stone & idea to use the kids' handprint to create a flower.

One by one, the kids were brought over to the wet stone. Gabi didn't do so well the 1st time around so I literally had to start all over. Then Sofi thought it would be cute to grab the cement so I let it be. Ian was last but did the best. Then it was time to decorate. Jane kept the kids busy while I finished up. After the kids went down for their nap, I took the stone next door for "hiding".

All in all, for our 1st ever craft project, it went smoothly.

Sunday morning, Todd woke up to 3 happy babies. We went to the playroom & gave Daddy his gifts. First, he got the stone. He loved it! He also let the kids explore the stone. It says, "DAD YOU ROCK". Hehe...get it. Rock = Stepping STONE

Then he got his sign for the garage.

Finally, he got his newest picture for his office. This is a tradition. He gets a small version & a big version. The small one goes to the office, the big one stays home & gets hung on the wall. He got the big picture for his birthday.

Todd is a wonderful daddy. He really enjoys being w/ the kids & has special things he does w/ each one. I think that on top of his favorites is when the the girls cuddle him at the same time. It is so sweet to see him w/ Sofi & Gabi sitting on his lap. He is beaming w/ pride! I love him very much!

He also had a birthday. I didn't get pictures but he got a big picture & a shirt from all of us. I wanted to make sure each day was celebrated seperately b/c if it were me, I would want that too, not just 1 big gift. For dinner, he got the pizza of his choice from his fave pizza joint, Tony's. We hung out on the couch together & watched some good tv, something we rarely have time to do. All in all, besides Ian's ear infection, I think Todd really enjoyed both of his days.

Daddy, we love you!

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Annie said...

I like the stone. Wonderful gift.