Thursday, July 2, 2009

They sucked the life out of me.

Seriously. What won't go wrong? Not that I really mind but it kind of explains some things, I suppose. I have been losing hair & just never feel like I am totally awake. I just thought it was all stuff left over from, oh...I dunno...having triplets. I chalked up being worn out b/c of taking care of my munchkins all day long. I thought the hair loss was b/c of my body still not being back to normal since I am still lactating. You know, those pesky hormones, right?

Right. Hypothyroidism. I swear, I was as healthy as a horse before I got pregnant. That is why I say they sucked the life out of me. I'm not a complainer. I just want to blog about it b/c I want others to know that their body can be perfectly perfect before pregnancy & then go wonky after.

It's not even a big issue. I will probably end up taking a pill for a very long time but I'm not going to complain if I'm going to get more energy out of the deal. I just want to get everything "fixed" & be good.

The kids are doing wonderfully. Sometimes I am just in awe of what they are figuring out w/o too much guidance from us. They are amazing!

This is Ian's face after some avocados.

The girls are learning to share. Sofi was giving Gabi a stuffed animal <3.


txsjewels said...

jeez. yall are a freakin reality show over there with the medical issues, huh? hang in there. between you and the hubby, you gotta hold it together long enough for those munchkins to take care of YOU. HA....

and a big huge BWAHAHAHAHAAH on ian's avocado he just looked up from the porcelain god after a heavy night of college keggin... heeeeheheheeheeee

Yelie said...

Oye I feel for you! Same thing happened to me after my son was born and I chalked it up to new baby and the hair falling out to post baby stuff. You will feel much better once you start taking the thyroid pills but I'd say it took a couple months before I *really* felt back to normal so have some patience :) Hopefully they get the dose and everything worked out quickly for you!

Liz said...

I have hypothyroidism too.... Synthroid will make you feel better after a month or so. Don't get the generic stuff though get the real thing. There is a difference. Also, there is a great book that you might want to get. I think it is called "Living Well With Hypothyroidism" by Mary Shomon.

Brittanie said...

I was on thyroid meds for a while (I did a month on synthroid and then switched to the generic and never noticed a difference...). I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in April of 2004 after YEARS of symptoms that eventually just got so bad I went in to a Dr. By the end of August, my thyroid was completely back to normal again. (okay this baffled the doctors, it's NOT normal) Apparently my thyroid just needed a "jump start."

I agree though, it WILL make you feel better! Good luck honey!

Allison said...

Man I hope you get to feeling better! Oh and I think it's time for Ian to get his first hair cut. I can just see him looking so cute with a little boy hair cut. Whaddya think!? :)

Anonymous said...

Hope the meds get you feeling better.

I swear, I almost never had allergies pre-baby, but ever since Matthew was born, I have them constantly. Sucks when you are trying to get those precious hours of sleep and can't because you can't stop coughing. Ugh.