Friday, July 31, 2009

Lounging around!

Our favorite thing these days has been lounging around. Grandma Donna bought them some chairs & at first, they weren't sure what they were or what their purpose was. Slowly, they have learned that they are great chairs to lounge & climb in.

Gotta love this one! Ian is doing the Al Bundy!

Gabi was really enjoying Barney. They love the purple dinosaur. (That is what he is, right?)

Ian & Sofi prefered the couch over their chairs. I think they feel like "big people" when they sit on the couch. Sure do act like it!

Here are all 3 of them lounging in their chairs together. Cute!

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Tonya said...

LOL I LOVE that first pic! Such a guy! They look so cute in their chairs. Maddie still won't sit in hers. I sit in it though LOL!