Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just another fun filled weekend.

Yep, all about having the fun! We didn't do a whole lot yesterday outside of what we normally do. We did all hang out in the baby pool for a good hour. The kids did really well in it this time around. So much more manageable than the last time we were in it. Of course, I hung out in the water w/ them. It was nice & cool, better than sitting outside of the water wishing I was in it.

We did grill after the kids went to bed & Todd made some killer potato salad & macaroni salad to go along w/ the hot dogs & hamburgers. YUM! I was so full. Don't worry, the kids got some hot dogs for lunch today. They really liked them. It is the 1st time they got some. I'm not big on hot dogs b/c of what they are made out of & how they are preserved so it really is a treat.

The kids have been all over the place, really getting comfortable on their 2 feet, at least the girls are. Ian is getting there & crawling really well on his hands/knees. He is also quite the climber! Better than Gabi but not quite as good as Sofi.

Besides always being on the move, I have noticed that the kids are now mimicking us quite a bit in the social sense. For instance, if I'm patting one of them on the back, they will want to do it as well. Sofi in particular. You can't really tell in the picture below but she was hugging Ian & kissing him on the cheek, just like how I do it to them. PRECIOUS! I have a feeling we will need to get baby dolls very shortly. I can already see them "tending" to the stuffed animals. Next thing I know they will be getting engaged, married & having kids of their own. Time needs to stand still!

Momma's health report...I have scheduled the ultrasound for my thyroid next Tuesday. This next week is shaping up to be very busy. That on Tuesday, 2 sessions of therapy on Wednesday for Ian, & Friday is their 15 mth well baby. I see that there will not be much down time. Ah, and so is life.

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