Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing w/ Tio

I'm glad that summer is here b/c that means my brother can come over to visit. Honestly, we don't see him enough but I understand that his life is busy & he comes when he can. Yesterday he was here for 1/2 the day & really got to playing w/ the kids. I think he really enjoys it now being that they aren't so "breakable". He gets on the floor w/ them & has a blast. Sofi hasn't warmed up to him completely, never has but we are working on it.

I'm not sure what the conversation was but apparently the kids were ENTHRALLED. Maybe the meaning of life?

Attack of the KILLER TRIO!

Ah yes, our favorite thing to do now days. Act as though we are "invisible" & walk around w/ the blankie on our heads.

Who's under there? Awe, just Gabi!

I wish there were more time to just hang out like this. Having my brother around brings me great joy. He is one of the people I am closest to. Someone I can really open up to. Tio, we love you!

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