Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Helping Daddy

We have slowly been working on kid proofing everything. It is quite the cat & mouse game b/c just when you think you are finished, the kids find something else to get in to that you would have never thought about. When you have 3 kids working together, pretty much everything can fall victim to their tiny hands.

Daddy decided that he was going to put matching socket covers over some of the sockets in the living room. The kids HAD to be part of it. Seriously, it was the most interesting thing they had ever seen. It was so cute. I wanted to run out & get each of them a tool belt.

We also got in the baby pool & as much as the kids had fun, it was tiring. We figured since we are in our own backyard, who needs bathing suits. Oh, well I do. I mean, the KIDS don't need them. We doubled & made it their bath as well. That was fun! Please don't mind me. I was just there for safety purposes & this picture was the one that covered me the best.

I know I have mentioned this already but the kids are really starting to mimick our actions, not just sounds & gestures. Gabi sat behind Sofi today, picked up a brush & tried to brush her hair. I sat there watching this happen & was thinking that my babies aren't babies anymore. Not only that, Sofi grabbed a paci for herself, then promptly grabbed another one & gave it to Gabi. I watch in amazement. WOW. They really are little sponges!


Jennifer said...

Awww... your munchkins are too adorable! I particularly like the pictures of them helping Daddy!

Tonya said...

That's so cute they wanted to help daddy. They grow up fast.

txsjewels said...

outdoor bathing is a summertime favorite around here. the nanny started it.. they use the hose and just soap up, shampoo and condition their little selves all clean. and no messy bathroom. with your team, outdoor bathing may be a year round activity!