Friday, July 10, 2009

15 Month Well Baby

Seems as though we are going to the ped's office quite a bit now days but this time it was a scheduled visit. I've been dying to find out how much our Gabi girl weighs. It was a good visit overall. We even got to ride in the elevator w/ our ped, Dr. Nguyen. We love her!

So, here are the kids stats. WARNING: Big & tall girls advisory!

Sofia ~ 24 lb 8 oz (, 75%), 32 3/4" (, 97%)
11.11 kg, 83.18 cm
Gabriella ~ 26 lb 2 oz (, 90%), 32 1/4" (90%)
11.85 kg, 81.92 cm
Ian ~ 21 lb 9 oz (, 15%), 31 1/2" (60%)
9.78 kg, 80 cm

Ian made a vast improvement since his 12 month well baby exam. He went from the 5% in weight to the 15%. We were very concerned that he wouldn't gain. The truth is he is my best eater. I think his metabolism is sky high. Dr. N seems to agree. Also, he still hasn't shaken that ear infection so now we are on some heavy duty stuff for 5 days, similar to a z-pac. Fine w/ me. That explains why he has been waking up in the middle of his nap for the past 3 days. Today he slept for 2.5 hrs along w/ his sisters!

Gabi is doing fantastically, talking quite a bit. Counting, yes...she is. Albeit not always starting from one but she does count. I'd say her vocabulary is over 20 words, easily, if not more. Do I sound like I'm bragging? Uh, yeah. I am. She also has a little lesion on the back of her thigh. It's been there since she was born but we are going to a dermatologist to get it checked out. If anything, to have a baseline in case it gets worse. I'm not really worried about it.

Sofi, well...she is our mover & shaker. She is completely advanced in gross motor skills. She may not be saying as much as Gabi but she makes up for it in movement. God, does she ever. I told Todd last night that she is going to be the one we are waiting up for in the middle of the night. Ug. I dread that day. As always, she is the healthiest of the crew. I swear, that 2 hrs of oxygen she had the day she was born has catapulted her forward in physical skills.

I managed to get the girls dressed up really cute today. They even kept a bow in their hair. I made them last night to match their outfits. I've got to tell you, I'm not one to put the girls in matching outfits but I do like to coordinate them. Thanks to Grandma Donna, they had these really cute outfits from Old Navy!

Alrighty, I'm off to bed!


Susan said...

You've got some big kiddos! I love the girls outfits and matching bows!!

Stacey said...

I can't believe how big they are! Time just goes by so fast. They are beautiful kids hun! :-)

Nicole Montgomery said...

I so cannot believe your 15 mo old girls are bigger than my 18 month old singleton! Heck, even Ian is pretty much the same size as my Collin. And Gabi is soooo much more advanced than my Collin in the talking department. I am so impressed!

Allison said...

Wow they are bigger than my biggest 18 mo old! Way to go girls!

Jessica said...

Way to grow!!! You definitely deserve to brag!