Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weaning from the paci's.

We always said the magical age would be 2. I've heard how it can be horrible but I've also heard how easy it can be. Well, I would like to take the middle of the road on this one. It hasn't been nearly as painful as I thought.

You know, our Sofi is totally attached to her paci. Always has been. We tried to do the pink Soothies as they got older but there was nothing, I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

And, to be totally honest, I found it quite endearing. Loved it. Loved her sucking on it. Loved how it calmed her down. Kept them "babies". Yep, as much my "vice" as theirs.

Gabi, my girl definitely needs her paci to sleep. She can take it or leave it for most of the day but needs it when she is upset. Many days, she has gone completely w/o except for nap & bedtime.

What triggered the change? Well, like I said before, the magical age of 2. And I promise, it would have happened them BUT *I* wasn't ready. Nope, call it fear of the unknown or what ever, I just wasn't ready.

Then...dum-dum-dum...we went out to Hobby Lobby one magical morning & I forgot the paci's. Panic set in. I was worried about the dreaded temper tantrum in public & nothing to sooth my baby girls b/c you know Ian doesn't take one. Not only did we leave the paci's, we also left the blankies. Total disaster waiting to happen.

And like I said, it was a magical morning b/c NOTHING happened. They were perfect angels so I just went w/ it. When we got home, they didn't seem to care that their paci's weren't hanging out & about. Then it was naptime & they were so happy to get their paci's that they laid down immediately & were asleep faster than I could close the door.

I guess that missing your paci can be very stressful. I mean, what else do kids this age have to worry about?

Anyway, they woke up. Then the trauma of the situation set in. I explained that the paci's were for cribs only. Oh dear, did the crocodile tears start up. It was quite the emotional afternoon for Sofi. Gabi, didn't seem so phased.

Until...the next morning. When I told them that their paci's were for cribs only, she started boo-hooing away. Nothing was going to stop her from protesting. Oh, & after morning quiet time, when they were so elated to have their paci's b/c quiet time is in the crib, that morning was so-so. Not nearly as bad as the previous times.

Naptime brought a very happy reunion w/ their paci's. And when they woke up, Gabi proudly exclaimed "Paci's in cribs. No paci's outside crib." She put her paci down & was ready to go play. After this display of bravery, Sofi followed suit.

It has been painless ever since. Maybe 24 hours that were really rough. Not too bad for ditching paci's anywhere besides the bed. Now, I need to work on the next challenge. I'm not ready yet. I don't think they are either & just many other things, there will be a time that paci's will disappear from the crib. Just not yet.

PS ~ I even cried & had an adjustment period. Yes, Mommy is a softy...sometimes.

PPS ~ Some general cute pics. I haven't posted any in a while.

Ian giving a shout out to Tupac.

Mom, really? Do you have to take a pic w/ my mouth full?

Awe, that smile...perfect!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad the paci-weaning is going well.

I'm impressed that I got to comment before your anonymous person stops by to be rude.

Heather said...
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Jenna said...

^ No more Anonymous?

You know what's WAY more annoying than kids acting like kids? Adults acting like babies.

If you can't handle the sound of kids, perhaps you should consider mail-order groceries.

Erin said...

Glad the girls took to it easily, Astrid! Only you will know when it is the best time to wean them from sleeping with them. Trust your motherly instincts!

And seriously "Heather," it sounds like someone took your paci away WAY before you should have been weaned. I think that is where all this anger is coming from. Obviously you are an adult now, so put on your "big girl panties" and grow up!

Surviving Triplets said...

Thank you for the support, ladies. It means the world to me.

I also have to say any time I take the kids out which is around 2 times during the week, they are angels. I even get compliments on how well they are behaving.


Seanaci said...

I'm so glad Gabi gets that paci's are for bed only. And I think it's an excellent way to wean them from the paci.

My sister (who is now 27) was weaned the same way. My mom actually had to safety pin it with a short ribbon to her pillow. But my sister got smart and started dragging her pillow around with her. lol

Best of luck! And just know that no matter's not like they'd take them to school once they start Kindegarten. :)

MysTery said...

I'm glad it went well! I can only hope for the same!

Thanks for sharing!!