Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 1st to potty on the potty!

You'll never guess. Not in a million years. Um, unless you read FB & then you know. Yeah, we expected Sofi to be the one. Nope, no chance in hell.

It was IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our boy can't talk but he sure can pee in a pot!

How it happened. Besides the obvious interest they all have in the potty, I put them on their own Sunday evening after baths & thought for sure they would pee since one of them always manages to pee somewhere on the floor or carpet after getting out. None, not a drop.

Then, yesterday. They were all fanatical about the potty. They sat on them for over an hour in the evening after Todd got home. Sofi ALMOST went poo. Almost. But she got scared or it hurt or something. Didn't happen. Didn't matter how many times I put her back on the pot. She just wouldn't do it. Eh, ok. What ever.


tonight was bath night. Potties after bath once again as Todd & I watched.

Just one spray.

You should have heard us encouraging the kids. So funny! Yes, we were even making the pee sound. You know the sound I'm talking about...pssssss, pssssss. And then, out of no where, Todd starts yelling, "Ian is peeing, Ian is peeing!" I think he scared the pee back up. Yes, seriously, back up. Ian looked up at his Daddy, so proud & yet probably wondering what the big deal was.

We did the potty dance. We high 5'ed one another & then we high 5'ed Ian. Yes, this was the highlight of our day. Of our month. Maybe even the year.

Ian is finally the first in something positive. We couldn't be prouder!


Susan said...

OMG! That's awesome! Way to go Ian!!! And a very proud moment for mommy & daddy :)

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Potty = Good. So wonderful!!! WAY TO GO, IAN!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Woo-hoo Ian!! Way to go, bud!!